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Attention; 8 posts on rosanne cancellation
today-please scan posts before you post

By sassygirl38699
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She apparently has seven distinct personalities so that explains all but one?


I did!! I did!! Gooooo me!


Good for ABC to have a sense of values. maybe she should have gone on Faux.

So the obvious question is now, will they will pick it up...

@slydr68 It's their problem. I heard today they knew all along she was a loose canon but looked the other way because she was popular. Now they are starting to see she is also polarizing and that is not good for business.

@JackPedigo Totally agree! But I would not be surprised to see the GOP Network pick it up...almost nothing would surprise me. I used to enjoy things like the Purge movies, The Handmaid's Tale...not so much anymore...


BTW: Roseanne's show got canceled today. smile009.gif

MrLizard Level 8 May 29, 2018

it is sad because she was very library

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