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Circumcised or Uncircumcised? What are your personal views on it? In actuality it should be viewed as male genitalia is a biblical and religious generational act against nature..and for us to still think it is normal in this country or any country for that matter..shows how brainwashed we all our from generations of religious dogma and medical establishment junk science..

Ravenwolfcasey 7 May 29

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Uncut and no issues.


I have been with men both circumcised and not. My son was not and his father, who was not circumcised, was very upset about it. I convinced him it should be his choice, not ours.


The records of 136,086 boys born in US Army hospitals from 1980 to 1985 were reviewed for indexed complications related to circumcision status during the first month of life. For 100,157 circumcised boys, there were 193 complications (0.19%). These included 62 local infections, eight cases of bacteremia, 83 incidences of hemorrhage (31 requiring ligature and three requiring transfusion), 25 instances of surgical trauma, and 20 urinary tract infections. There were no deaths or reported losses of the glans or entire penis. By contrast, the complications in the 35,929 uncircumcised infants were all related to urinary tract infections. Of the 88 boys with such infections (0.24%), 32 had concomitant bacteremia, three had meningitis, two had renal failure, and two died. The frequencies of urinary tract infection (P less than . 0001) and bacteremia (P less than . 0002) were significantly higher in the uncircumcised boys. Serious complications from routine prepuce removal are rare and relatively minor. Circumcision may be beneficial in reducing the occurrence of urinary tract infections and their associated sequelae. Sourced from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. It is clear from this study that religion aside that it is a parents choice on the risk. I choose low risk and circumcision. Do uncircumcised men properly clean themselves? Not in the locker rooms or barracks I've been in.


Watch this...

just looking at the title I won't waste my time nor brain power watching that. What's next, vaccines?

@Lukian sooo you refuse to even hear a top biologist and renowned researcher because the media and the corrupt medical establishment told you their truth? They lied to make money and population control

@Ravenwolfcasey Correct. I only listen to Alex Jones and if he doesn't talk about her or has her on his show she's total BS.

@Lukian haaaaaa you should really hear yourself

@Ravenwolfcasey Now I can tell you have a problem sniffing out BS when it's presented to you.


A 2014 literature review has stated:
Abstract Conclusion. Further research is needed to inform policy makers, health-care professionals, and stakeholders (parents and individuals invested in this debate) with regard to the decision to perform routine circumcision on male neonates in North America.

The recent public statement by the AAP [1] in favor of neonatal circumcision may be premature, as further research is needed before conclusions can be drawn with respect to North American populations. Circumcision as an immunization against HIV transmission may be warranted in high-risk populations where less expensive and less invasive procedures (e.g., condom use, safe sex practices) are proving insufficient in the reduction of HIV infection rates. However, a more inclusive picture of circumcision and its long-term effects as they apply to North American populations is needed before medical bodies continue to make generalizations that can be expected to drastically alter the rates of circumcision in the United States [93] and Canada [117,118].This review highlights specific areas of research and methodological considerations that require attention in order to inform policy.

Ref:Journal of Sexual Medicine (J Sex Med)



Systematic circumcision on newborns is medically unnecessary. It is a religious mark of possession particularly for Judaism and Islam faith. It is only practices in Europe and Asia for medical reason.


I've read plenty on this subject, including some "surveys" that ask women what they prefer. Here is my take from the surveys. Those who are negative about the uncircumcised penis are so because of social pre-and mis-conceptions about the natural penis. Those that were positive about uncircumcised men usually came to their conclusions because of how the penis felt during sex. I know, I am talking in generalities here too, but bear with me. To put it bluntly, if you like dick, why would you prefer some of it to be snipped off? The evidence is overwhelming that women can orgasm more consistently with an un-cut penis because of the natural "slip and slide" feature of the foreskin. Again, the objections seem to be almost all cosmetic, and unfounded. Men who are cut have no patent on hygiene, either brand of penis can be kept clean or left dirty. There is no reasonable reason to chop off the end of a perfectly good penis.

I'm assuming you're aware this website is overflowing with people who are only interested in evidence based truth. So can you please provide the overwhelming evidence "that women can orgasm more consistently with an un-cut penis"?

@kensmile4u "Surveyed women preferred sex with a natural penis by a margin of 9 to 1 — not 2 to 1, or 3 to 1, but 9 to 1." This is what I was referring to. []

@kensmile4u it's 100% true...women enjoy sex more with uncut well as men enjoy it more ...more nerve endings..and natural lubricant

@GuyKeith @Ravenwolfcasey There are are high standards of evidence on this site and your comment does not meet them. What you have linked me to is a private website that has no citations to any academic or government sponsored clinical studies. In other words this is text book woo woo.

Here is an example of a published and peer reviewed clinical study that provides evidence that men have increased orgasm quantity after circumcision..


@kensmile4u Well, then reject it and move on. I don't need, seek or care about the standards that you somehow demand from others or whether or not you think my comments meet your standards. I said they were surveys. Were you a Hall Monitor in school?

@GuyKeith This is not facebook. I already told you evidence based truth is the preferred manner in which issues are discussed here using civil discourse. I already provided you with competing evidence against your unsubstantiated claims. There are moderators who can be asked to examine your comments if you resort to attacking. We can agree to disagree but if you run out of bounds you can be removed from this site.

@Ravenwolfcasey, @Hebert54 @NotAndrew @GuyKeith Here is evidence that circumcision has health benefits.


@GuyKeith Here is a peer reviewed publication stating there is insufficient empirical evidence to pronounce the US population of women benefit sexually from male Circumcision. I have extracted the relevant paragraph from the paper for convenience.


Very few studies have reported on the effects ofcircumcision on sexual functioning of men’s sexualpartners. It has been hypothesized that the struc-tural differences across circumcision statusaccount for notable differences in partners’ sexualexperiences (e.g., mobile foreskin leads to less fric-tion during penetrative intercourse). Indeed, theresearch seems to support this hypothesis forwomen, such that intercourse with intact partnersis associated with better lubrication (particularlywith longer length of intercourse [63,103]), fewerorgasm difficulties, fewer complaints of vaginalpain [63] or discomfort, and greater ease of orgasmduring penile-vaginal intercourse [103]. However,these studies either do not account for age at cir-cumcision or conflate neonatal and infant circum-cision. Kigozi et al. [104], who interviewed womenin Uganda before and after their partners under-went circumcision, found no significan't changes inwomen’s self-reported sexual functioning aftercontrolling for age, religion, and educationalstatus. In total, 2.9% of the sample reported worsesexual satisfaction, 57.3% reported no change, and39.8% reported an improvement in sexual func-tioning. A study by Mao et al. [105] is the onlystudy we are aware of that reports on sexual func-tioning in MSM as a function of circumcisionstatus. The authors reported that in their sampleof 1,426 Australian men, those circumcised afterinfancy were more likely than intact men to prac-tice any receptive anal sex. Thus, some differencesin sexual practices among MSM may result from age at circumcision

@GuyKeith I have provided peer reviewed evidence that debunks your claims. I will be glad to read any substantial responding evidence that may change my views

Perhaps you can benefit from reading the site policies. They can be found at the bottom of this page in FAQ. I have provided them here for your convenience.

The following are core principles we agree with:
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Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not to believe what you wish to be true.
The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.
Every person has the right to control of their body.
A god is not necessary to be a good person or to live a full and meaningful life.
Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.
Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and can reasonably expect them to want to be treated. Think about their perspective.
We have the responsibility to consider others, including future generations.
There is no one right way to live.
Leave the world a better place than you found it.*


Ah, yes, circumcision. Nothing exemplifies the arrogance of humans and the wackiness of religion like circumcison. The Biblical account is horrific and there is no logical reason for a God, who supposedly created men (and their stuff) should have such a grim and destructive dick fetish. Yes, religion demands that the ends of perfectly good penises be cut off. Why? Goat-Damn if I know. I do know that other than the religious insanity of circumcision, it was routinely done as a "cure" for masturbation. How did that work out? There is a great book here that discusses this mutilation, and it is mutilation. []


It is mutilation.
Yes there are occasions where it is necessary for medical reasons, as are heart transplants. But that doesn't mean it should be done for other reasons.


Guess god made man so perfect, that after the first draft of human he said, "uhmmm, hey Abraham, since you can hear me n'stuff, can you cut that extra piece of skin off your johnson? Yea, my bad, totally goofed on that one. Thanks! Oh, and remember to kill your son for me..."

Too funny!! Thanks!

That is exactly how the story went. This is one of the most sick stories in a very, very sick book.



No need to mutilate little boys.

chrissake...ignorance is bliss huh?

I can't imagine subjecting a baby to that kind of pain & risking complications for no real reason.


I’m circumcised. Done as a baby (unusual in the UK) due to a partially sealed foreskin. It was a partial circumcision. Had a repeat in my early 20s due to the foreskin gradually closing up and starting to seal again, making sex become impossible or extremely painful. Hurt like fuck and got two infections. But it had to be done. Apart from my personal circumstances, and those of men with similar difficulties, I’m against it though. For most males, it’s completely unneccesary, and potentially harmful.

Thank you for your answer


No need for it.religious crap.

Coldo Level 8 May 29, 2018

I think its unethical to perform unnecessary surgery on someone unable to consent. I had to fight my ex, my family AND medical professionals to keep my kids intact. Sometimes I just wanted to scream "would you people leave my kids genitals alone?!!".

Good for amazes me how crazy people get about it...


I view it as genital mutilation, but every girl I've ever talked to are creeped out by the uncircumcised ones. Also, while I wished part of my dick hadn't been cut off, it was decades ago and everything is ending so what does it matter?

It's just whatever is the cultural most countries circumcision is uncommon so obviously normal penises would not creep anyone out. In my state at least, the majority of baby boys are no longer circumcised (my twins certainly are not) so the times they are a changin'. What really turned the tide was when the program that pays for low income people's medical care stopped paying for it.


If you say so


I am SO against it. Over a hundred baby boys die in the US every year from complications of a cosmetic surgery that they were unable to consent to.

Carin Level 8 May 29, 2018

Wow I did not know that statistic...thank you

@Ravenwolfcasey Not to mention those who are seriously mutilated....a very sad book, "As God Made Him" (nothing about god that I noticed in it) was about a baby boy who entirely lost his penis to circumcision & was then the victim of more medical horrors. He ended up killing himself.

however, circumcision is not cosmetic surgery.

@crazycurlz What would you call it? It's not medically needed in 99.9% of cases. Seems to be done for aesthetic purposes more than religious purposes in the US.

@crazycurlz It is mutilation of what is in most cases, a perfectly normal and functioning penis.

@crazycurlz It is absolutely cosmic surgery. Where is the surgical necessity? Oh, there may be rare cases, but not usually.


Unless we evolve to not have foreskin, leave it the fuck alone I say.


Actually, I was circumcised at 5 (and it hurt like a SOB) due to continued infections under the foreskin. Once done, all better.

Sorry Cal, it’s not necessarily cleaner and definitely not healthier.

@ezwryder if you say so

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