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I'm curious if there are any level 10's on this site yet? So far the highest I've seen are level 8's.

DougDiamond38 4 May 30

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Not yet, but I see people from time to time who appear to be racing to get there. 🙂 Must be somethin' real special awaiting!


I believe the 10 is a mythical creature, much like God, the unicorn, and a Trump that can be trusted.


I'm a Level 9. I figure I'll be Level 10 about 2525! LOL

Only if you continue to put 70-hours a week into the effort! 😉


It is a young site.


the site has not been here long enough yet


None that I know of. There is one guy who is at level 9 though.


@phxbillcee is our only level nine thus far. He's the top level member atm.


I feel silly calling myself a level 2 athiest. I suppose Sagan was a level 10.

it is only points and somewhat related to time on the site

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