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I forget about this every year until I turn on the fan. You always hear the obvious low hum of the fan but then there are the overtones. They sound like a symphony unto themselves sometiems

btroje 9 May 30

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My grandmother had an old fan (even back then), all metal and boy could that babe sing!


My ceiling fan in the bedroom runs all year long. I like a breeze, and still have occasional hot flashes.

@TheAstroChuck lol, no I have hot flashes from time to time. Gotta have that breeze.


The little pleasures hidden everywhere....we just have to pay attention to detail to find them (or perhaps your fan needs lubrication?...who knows ? )

It is not a mechanical problem. It is the harmonics that occur. WHen I lived in Indiana the same thing would happen with the forced air furnace. I had a patient come to me about auditory hallucinations. It just did not fit with her presentation and I kept asking questions to the point of irritating her. We finally figured out it was the harmonics of her furnace she was hearing

@btroje well I was half joking....truth of the matter is that mechanical friction likely will enhance harmonics


I poke at one of them to stop that noise. I havent heard it this year.


OMG I can hear like whole conversations, all kinds of craziness in that white noise. My brain takes that aural canvass and paints some elaborate designs!

Ah, you totally get it!


One of my favorite songs
. Loved Miami summers . Road my bike to Mathison Hammock or Key Biscayne

Thanks for a vision and a dream... never had it that good. That looks all healthy and family friendly. Ours were the good old boys with the babes showing up at a pavilion on the beach. Renting a beach house for the weekend and wild ass parties.

@BucketlistBob you're very welcome sir.

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