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This is, so maybe we could take the predominant atheist position as read, and not talk about it so much? Just a thought.

Faithless1 7 May 31

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There are those that need to speak as they are closeted to usurp a term. They need support or are struggling with the whole idea on a personnal level. Just pass over the posts if you rather not engage the topic. They may be new or need to vent.


There's a simple solution for you. On the homepage, you can select what categories you want to see in your feed (click on settings icon between Trend and Search). If it bothers you so much to see people discussing topics related to religion don't visit that category. Just a thought.


I would prefer it but this is way better than anywhere else and many are new so are just saying what many of us said when we were new.


@AnandaKhan ?

@LeighShelton May be not then. 🙂

@AnandaKhan i wasn't trying to be


I disagree. We should take all positions, we should doubt, we should argue, we should ridicule, we should criticise and be criticized. It's a never ending learning process and we all are biased in various ways.


I can relate. It is actually better than when the site first came on board


A lot of unbelievers here are confused / conflicted about the Great Questions and want to discuss them to refine their thinking. Not everyone has completely thought everything through that they feel a need to.

A lot of unbelievers here are deconverts still processing the harms of their faith, and the loss of their faith (alienation from community and belonging). They should be able to discuss / share / vent as needed.

A lot of unbelievers here are anti-theist, even activist anti-theists, and that is their right, and their voice shouldn't be silenced either.

A lot of unbelievers here are ignositics or burned out on such discussions and therefore indifferent. They have a recourse: start and participate in topics and groups of their choosing, avoid categories and groups that focus on things they're turned off by or not interested in.

When you think about it though, if you're not interested in [anti]theism or [a]theism or [a]gnosticism then the set of things to talk about doesn't really require a site specifically for atheists and agnostics; you can go find something like or, where you'll only have to avoid the very occasional religious or political nutter.


I find there are enough groups and other like minded people that I am able to enjoy this site and not be too concerned about those who have been damaged by religion and at times need to rant and vent.
I would suggest checking out the list of groups within this site.


Surely the whole point of this site is for us to BE ABLE to talk about it without busy body religionists butting to tell us we are all damned (literally) fools who should read a book of bronze age fairy stories in order to please sky daddy.


Do you think talking about religion is a problem? Christians do it all the time.

@Faithless1 What made you think that?

@Faithless1 So we are only to talk about fascinating things, then?


We could also extend agnosticism to fuzzy thinking like soul "energy" and other things people have no good reason to believe in


Can't see any reason why or why not !


My thoughts exactly. Enough already.

But then, new members join every day and many of them want to talk about it..maybe freely for the first time.

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