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What The Scots Invented.

Coldo 8 May 31

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Great ancestors


And what about whisky, haggis and penis envy .. I mean caber tossing


Yet they are only known for scotch, haggis, bagpipes & kilts and those aren't even on the list.


no i didnt


You left out my patents: 🙂


BD66 Level 7 May 31, 2018

I am not sure I would claim curling, whatever nationality


Wish they had invented a "much easier to read posting of what they invented."


I don't see the Kilt anywhere there ?


Not alot of people know this.Thx for the link?


Ahh the noble Scots! I’m descended from multiple Scottish immigrants from long ago, the earliest I know of was a courtier to Mary the Queen of Scots. She lost her head, he lost his castle and came to America.

Scotland is in you.A few people lostl their heads who were supporting her.

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