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This is a big deal, not only for science, but for theology as well. The most hardcore theists today will admit that there is what they call "micro evolution", adaptation within a species, but this is a sign of evolution across species lines, or at least abilities. Of course it's far enough away from humanity that they'll still likely brush it off, but wow, this is pretty amazing.


josh_is_exciting 7 May 31

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I think that Micro-evolution turns into Macro-evolution over time. If enough micro-evolutions happen that the species no longer resembles its former self genetically or anatomically, is that not a new species by definition?


Unfortunately, this is not a sign of evolution of the species which is where the religionists want to go. They can concede that some animals have learned to do certain things to aid in their survival and it won't affect their faith. We have also observed speciation take place, but they balk at that and revert to their 'kinds' position. They vehemently resist that speciation exists because in their minds that want to see a bird become a fish or some other nonsense.


Great article. Thanks for sharing.


Dolphins have also been seen using some tools, but not crafting stone tools.

It is obvious that animals are smarter than "we" (fragile) humans are willing to admit.


Define Big Deal. ???


You are someone interesting. Your thoughts are very similar to mine


Theists have already acknowledged mirco-evolution, kinda.
They say micro-evolution and then juxtapose macro-evolution and ask for evidence.
When all of the micro-evolutions are presented to show that macro-evolution is just micro-evolution over periods of time they say, "Now show me how a cat evolves into a dog."


Evolution is NOT belief, unlike religion, it is a proven fact. The idiots who say are "but it's only a theory" miss the point. Any scientific theory starts of with an idea. For instance light refracts towards the normal (90 degrees) when it enters a denser medium, a block of glass for instance. The idea was Snells Law sinii n=sini' n'. So you experiment, I've done this and it proves to be true. n by the way is the refractive index or density of the first and second media. Evolution has been tested time and time again and has been proven to be true. Those who prefer belief to fact are delusional morons.


Young earth creationism seems pretty rare. If anyone cares, I can find the critique of the Gallup poll on YEC in the USA.

Catholic and Orthodox Christian theology specifically allows for directed evolution or intelligent design. Even LDS doctrine doesn't claim Genesis is literally true.

Granted, I don't hang w FUNdies, but even in seminary I never met a YECcer.

Christians are delusional and usually bigots, but most aren't outright idiots. I think that should be a new proselytizing phrase. Delusional, often bigoted but NOT idiotic.


People will gladly admit that DNA can prove they are related to their parents, cousins, and even famous historical figures. But tell them it proves common ancestry with another species and suddenly it's fake news.


They seem to thrive on falsehoods just look at their backing of trumpie. Theyare rejecting facts saying he is a changed person andreligious. He has no idea what a religious person is or he would act better.HIS treatment of immigrants is criminal itself as is his treatment of the poor and middle class. HIS tax cut is redicculas .


Well they have to admit "micro-evolution" even though it's the same as evolution because they can't deny things like antibiotic resistance through selective survival. They have retreated to denying the evolution of new species rather than evolution within species because the time-scale is so much longer to prove under laboratory conditions, but they will in time have to abandon this bridge as well. They already have to concede that an organism could "micro-evolve" in such a way as to be unable to reproduce with its parent species. That is in fact the definition of a new species, so they are largely playing word games and trading on general ignorance not to be called out.


Anyonewho chooses not to believe in evolution is either ignorant or a fool -- or both.


I agree, it really is fascinating! The idea of primate archeology is cool in and of itself, but the Stone Age!

Do you think if left entirely alone, with our current climate change about to deforest their homes, that over the course of time we could see (I know - a million years or so) a second evolution of Hominids?

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