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Is it odd that, although my favorite subjects of study are literature, history, and anthropology, I still find scientists to be incredibly sexy?

Deb57 8 May 31

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Neil deGrasse Tyson. I swoon.

Holli Level 6 June 19, 2018

I like to flirt with medical docs. They are scientists.


Looking for my long lost pocket pen protector......could this be the new hot male fashion accessory??


Nah. It’s the best thing ever.


Type in "NASA mohawk guy" into Google. All I'm saying is I couldn't agree with you more!


And of course, engineers.....
What about pilots?


An electromagnetic wave such as light could also be described as a particle, which later on was called the photon, with a discrete quantum of energy that was dependent on its frequency … Oh, hello @Deb57 How are you? 😉

Yep. That's sexy!

Oooh! Talk nerdy to me!



Sometimes opposites attract...are you opposite to scientists?


E=MC(squared) ?

Well, HELLO there!


I am not a scientist but I am sexy ?

Yes, but far, far away!

A great, great pity that ??

@VAL3941 Indeed!

Oh well ! Thank goodness for Agnostic. Com at least we have met and can keep in touch ?


Nope, same here.


Not odd at all, I'm the same way even though I'm dumb as a box of hair.

Your comment made me laugh, but you are far from dumb.

Hey! Aren't you the one that dislocated a finger taking off your stockings?

@Donotbelieve Awrh, thanks. That genuinely helped me feel a bit better. ?

@bigpawbullets yes, yes I am. It's times like that when I definitely feel as though I ain't all that bright.


I think it could be pretty cool if a woman was more interested in my scientific license than what sort of car I drive.




If it is odd then it is of the good kind. 😀


Oh hell yes.


Thank you, @Deb57

You have made my day. Keep up the good work.

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