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Crazy Americans, taking their jobs! They should build a wall! LOL!

MARDUK 7 June 1

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I always smile when Americans tell me how they will just move to my country if things get too bad in theirs. Why would I want people bringing that kind of shit into my country? It's bad enough that we accept far more refugees than they do on humanitarian grounds, most of them the result of American foreign wars for profit. Move to another state if you want a change of scenery, otherwise get in line and fill out the forms like everybody else in line in front of you did.
Oh, and have a nice day, Eh.

@MARDUK Aww, of course all Canadians are nice. It just doesn't mean that we won't punch somebody in the face if they annoy us is all. Canadian etiquette dictates that we say we're sorry after we punch somebody in the face, sometimes we even buy them a beer afterwards. 😀


If I just knew Canadians can Salsa!

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