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Would you eat insects?

Last night, my daughter and I tried BBQ mealworms at the Kyiv Ukraine pavilion. Not bad. Crunchy.

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pixiedust 8 June 1

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you only live...never mind...adventure is my middle name.

The Seattle Mariner baseball stadium sells roasted grasshoppers. Maybe a new trend in fast foods.

@Lamonte WIN!


I love crustaceans, I don't see a lot of difference.


I might rather die. You can season anything and make it taste good though.


I've tried a few actually! Chocolate covered crickets are awesome!

Is it because of the cricket or because of the chocolate?

@pixiedust They are so crunchy and satisfying haha


Unless one is starving and on the edge of dead, I see no point in it. You take the fried grasshoppers. I'll take the filet mignon with mushroom sauce, baked potato smothered in sour cream and chives, and a cucumber, tomato, and onion salad with plenty of black olives.

Oh man that sounds good. Only thing I would add is roasted red peppers.

@Piece2YourPuzzle -- You're right. I thought there was something missing.


I tried barbeque flavored crickets once. Did nothing for me.


Absolutely not until the last stake in the whole world has been grilled and consumed.....


The FDA has guide lines as to how many insect parts are allowed in prepackaged food items. So most everybody has eaten some at one time or another.

Hence one of the poll choices I offered 🙂


The thought of it makes me ill but it is no big deal to people that grew up eating them. I would try them but I would not want to know they were insects until I was done eating.

Chocolate covered onea arent bad! Crunchy and sweet!

@Agirlhasnoname That would definitely be my favorite option.

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