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Who is your favorite famous atheist? No picking Neil DeGrasse Tyson, that is too easy. I'll go first. Sean Carroll. Has anybody seen his youtube video, moving Naturalism forward? I absolutely love watching youtubes of the atheist theoretical physicists

IrishGypsy 5 June 1

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Penn and Teller. My favorite 'quote' from them about this (don't remember the exact words) is "we need more atheists, and the best way is to get people to read the bible".

Smax Level 5 June 1, 2018



Matt Dillahunty... Bit of a knob at times, but one helluva good mind and a beacon of intellectual honesty, humanism and integrity.


Got to be a toss up between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams was a light gone out too soon. His books were such subtle but excellent arguments against religion. Same with Terry Pratchett. “Small Gods” is a perfect atheist read; the logic can’t be denied. (Except by the deliberately deluded.) []


I listened to a speech given by Seth Andrews, on YouTube and I fell in love. He is an engaging and gifted orator.


Tim Minchin...If you've never heard his "Storm" you really should check it out. Hilarious!


Jim Jefferies

OK I've changed my mind. Jeffries is the man!

@IrishGypsy. ? l prefer humor in my atheists. Atheism should be fun! ☺


Madalyn O'Hair, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Tracie Harris

Finally someone here has been an Atheist for more than 23 years


I choose great humor of Ricky Gervais. ..we both won bibles for being smart ass Atheists who actually read the filthy genocidal book but easily looked up verses on command from our churches and read words perfectly ALOUD before we were teenagers


Carl Sagan.


Christopher Hitchens (deceaseed) was brilliant. Sam Harris is pretty cool. Also Daniel Dennet and Richard Carrier

I miss Hitch

Sam Harris said on a video I watched, if everyone believed this was all there is, everything would change. It really struck me and it still does. So much injustice is allowed in this world due to beliefs people hold about there being another afterlife or reincarnation or karma, etc. I should read watch more of him.

@IrishGypsy Sam is amazing. Thoughtful and calm, brilliant, open and thorough. Great podcasts and articles.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not an atheist. There are videos of him on YouTube stating this.

yes he is

@whiskywoman lazy

I did look up 5 different ones by him and one with a night time comedian so lazy yourself you forum one I found 5 I just don't know how to put them here yet@bingst

NDT likes to weasel out of applying the word atheist to himself, but he bloody well is and he knows it. He just doesn't like to wear the badge as he sees it as a barrier to communicating with people who get freaked out by the word... And, I suspect, so he can keep himself sweet with Fox and the Republicans generally.

@whiskywoman Just paste the URLs (links). If you have found Tyson clearly embracing the atheist label, I will be surprised. Everything I've heard him say to date on the atheist label is a clear rejection.

@Ringo6 More at, he'll accept the agnostic label if one feels the need to label him.

@DaveMania I agree after watching that video. He is. But he's not concerned w religions negative impact. That's his right. Hence my choice Sean Carroll. A scientist who expends great energy toward educating in this area.

@IrishGypsy I saw NDT love and he is extremely concerned about religion’s negative impact, especially on science. He talks about how Islam has held back Muslim countries but says Christianity did the same in the past.


I like too many to pick an absolute favorite.


Hard to pick a favorite; so many to choose from, as evidenced below. Instead, allow me to nominate my most recent favorite: Amber Scorah. Stories like hers always inspire me because it was such an emotional nightmare for me to tear myself away from a fundamentalist religious upbringing (even though it all sounded like nonsense from an early age). Scorah had it worse than me. At least I was not trained to go door to door peddling fairy tales. Scorah was a Jehovah's witness who made the turn. She wrote a book called “Leaving the Witness”.
If you get the newsletter, see Science Salon #97 from the Skeptic Society. You can also get it on YouTube by just Googling Science Salon #97 from the Skeptic Society.


Eddie Izard. He pokes badgers with spoons, y’all. His bits on the Bible are hysterically.


Currently, it's Matt Dillahunty with Seth Andrews being a very close second. Dillahunty is a damn good debater and never let's people get away with any fallacies or dodging the question, and Andrew's just has the best voice ever.


Definitely Hitch

Nuke Level 5 June 2, 2018

Well PZ Meyers. Jerry Coyne. Richard Dawkins Lawrence Krauss are all along my favorites. But NDT is my favorite.


Ricky Gervais And Stephen Go Head-To-Head On Religion ​


i love him the english/aussie (not sure) comedian funny funny man


Douglas Adams


I'll choose Tyson's inspiration and say Sagan.


I don't know his name but he goes by the Armored Sceptic on youtube. Pretty funny videos and informative.


But I am picking Tyson even though he rejects the label "atheist". At pseudo skeptic conventions Neil would deliver one falsehood after another. And the self proclaimed skeptics in attendance would accept his false claims without question.

We witness Shermer, Harris, Krausse et all swallowing bullshit that seems to support their personal prejudices. These hypocrites are just as credulous as Trump's birthers. 😀


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