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#takeAmericaBack is done - take it back to what? the 1950's? That is NOT how LIFE works. You can keep belittling Millenials for their PARENTS wanting participation trophies - but these kids don't want that crap. They want a level playing field! How (un)American!

By DerekD7
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They want the values if the 1950s and the conditions of the 1850s


Yes, the wonderful 1950s: Mom stayed home, cooked and had babies, black people stayed in the "other part of town" and "Homos" stayed in the closet. Yeah - them was the good old days! Who the hell would want to go back there?

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 22, 2017

I could never understand it, my competitive nature does not allow for the rewarding of the mediocre. Seeing that every child get to enjoy playing the game is important but, I fail to understand how rewarding them for just showing up is anything more than bribing them to play.


Speaking as a parent with 15, 11, and 7 year old children. I don't want participation trophies. My kids don't want them either. It alien to me why people would give out participation trophies at all.

BD66 Level 7 Dec 22, 2017
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