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Some things will never make sense to me...such as joining a group to be a part of a like-minded community, but then intentionally doing things to alienate yourself and wearing the 'how many times l've been blocked' as a badge of honor...WTF...????

Either you wish to contribute in a way that promotes love and acceptance or you are seeking for ways to destroy it...there is no in between...

Life is hard enough without others 'dumping their trash' on my lawn...and l won't/don't tolerate it...for everyone else, PEACE!!✌

Free_2B_Me 7 June 3

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Peace it is... ✌


@Free_2B_Me I like to keep it simple. Have a wonderful day !!! ?

@IamNobody lt's the simple things that make life so enjoyable! Thanks, you do the same!?


I don't believe there's such a thing as "like-minded" people. Yes, we can agree of certain things, but at some point we will disagree. Sometimes virulently. What then?

I've only blocked a handful of people, and that's because I was feeling harassed, not because they disagreed with me. I like a spirited debate. It's how I learn. It's how our forefathers and foremothers managed to created one of the greatest countries we get the experience of living in (and hopefully restoring).

I can't be right all the time... that's just not possible. In fact, if I'm honest, I'm wrong more than I'm right. That's why I welcome debate. I learn. I grow. And eventually, I am able to make better decisions with my own life.

Thats cool brother and i agree. You just missed it. One of the over powering with an ego... he had to leave early.


I will reiterate - for those who don't seem to get it (and to simply entertain those of you that do?)...l don't tolerate BULLSHIT on my posts. PERIOD. I don't care who you are, where you live, what level you are, or anything else. I am the moderator of my own posts and if you aren't being supportive, encouraging, or helpful in some way - then you are doing the opposite.

"Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion..." well that applies to "Freedom of Speech" too! Just because you are free to say it, doesn't mean that you should. Freedom of speech does NOT give you the right to be an asshole! So, you don't like my posts or disagree with them in some way...?? Then don't fucking read them!! Block me! I don't give a shit! At the same time, if you can't think of something nice/decent to say in response to them...Then SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP!! I'm not here for you! Just because it's a free forum doesn't give you the right to just trample all over it! ASSHATS!!

For everyone that enjoys my posts and have engaged with me in a kind and supportive way, l apologize for the rant...please proceed with your regularly scheduled program...?


Peace to you too, but even like-minded have so many shades of whatever they are like-minded about. So it can be for everybody.

We all have a choice as to the part we play in this community. We can be honoring and supportive or we can choose to be disruptive and malignant. For those of the latter l have zero tolerance.


Yes... don't put up with it.... just block them.... for your sanity.

Sad that it appears to be the only way of dealing with some, but the world is full of all kinds!?

@Free_2B_Me. Hes history...

@BucketlistBob l know...l blocked him.

@Free_2B_Me its so peaceful


Snowflakes everywhere!

Not sure what that means...but ok!?

@Free_2B_Me I may have misunderstood your post. I see now.

Thought you meant something else. Oops!


Like - minded? because we agree on Evolution?

gater Level 7 June 3, 2018

Like-minded "non-believers"...

@Free_2B_Me yeah we might agree on that but there is much diversity among us, and apparently some will block if you don't think just like they do.

@gater Not a matter of thinking exactly alike. It's never been about that. Some people are just toxic and want to spew venom. The world is bad enough without more of that...and NO, I don't have to tolerate it. And yes, l have no problem blocking people who can't seem to manage decency. It's as simple as that.


Good job ....we share zero tolerance for anti-Feminist theocrat bigots or people who vote for same in greed and ignorance

What's an anti-feminist theocrat?

@mosuper TrumpOLINI Betsy deVos, Ruusssshhhaaaah Dingy Crazy LimpBOSS all the radio cult liars & ditto heads, VP Pence the Governor of Iowa evil bitch that she is


I cannot believe you managed to offend someone.

Just another person who "doesn't realize to
whom they are talking"...and is dumb enough to think l will back down!?

Yep. You'd make a great neighbor.

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