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The Ten Commandments
Moses, fresh from his meeting on Mount Sinai, sets off on a tour of the world in order to spread the commandments to the people of other nations, he boards the ship and his first destination is Italy, once there he goes to the parliament building in the capital and asks to speak to the leader of the people, he is admitted and says to the leader
“I have these commandments, they were handed down by God personally to me at Mount Sinai and I am spreading them to the people of different lands”
The Italian leader people asks
“Are you able to give me an example of one of these commandments?”
Moses answers
“Thou shalt not steal”
The Italian leader replies
“Nah, I don’t think that these are for us, try the French”
Moses heads off along the road to France and makes his way to the French capital and again asks to see the leader of the people, again he is admitted and again, after telling his tale he is asked for an example of one of the commandments, this time he says
“Thou shalt not commit adultery”
The French leader says
“Nah, that’s not for us, take them to the Germans”

Moses heads for Germany
Again he heads to the nation’s capital and again he gains admittance to speak to the leader, again he tells his tale and yet again he is asked for an example of a commandment so he chooses another one for the Germans “Thou shalt not kill” he says
The German leader replies
“Nah, that’s not our thing, it sound just right for the Jews though”
Moses is totally disheartened by this and thinks that maybe his home crowd might be an easy sell so off he goes back to Italy and catches a ship home before heading for Israel and the Israeli capital where once again he goes through the process of gaining an audience with the main man where he mentions about the commandments, he is just thinking about which commandment to give as an example when the leader asks
“How much are they? They sound like they might be a good idea, give the people something to live by, they need something like that, and it keeps them happy”
Moses replies
“They’re free”
The leader of the Jews then says
“That’s great, have you got ten? If so, we’ll take ten”

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A Rabbi gets a letter from his son, informing him that the boy has become a Hindu, distraught he calls his brother who tells him that he should be so lucky, his son has recently become a Mormon.
That Sabbath they go to the Synagogue and pray to Gd for comfort and help, in the matter of their boys.
Suddenly thunder cracks, the heavens open and the voice of the Lord is heard in the land declaring

"You two want to talk to ME about YOUR SONS!"


Oddly enough, this is very close to a Midrash of how the Israelites got the decalogue.


Rather cute, but how does Jesus make tea? HEBREWS it. No really, that's how ISRAELI does it!

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