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I'm moving next week; another opportunity to rid myself of stuff I haven't used for a significant period.

While going through boxes in storage, I came across one with books in it, and at the bottom were a buybull and a Book of Mormon, a rather expensive, leatherbound edition. I contemplated momentarily what to do with them and then took them and tossed the box into my car. I removed them from my car this a.m., and tossed them in the trash. They seemed appropriately placed then.

Condor5 8 June 5

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A book sculpture would have been something I would have tried to do. Good luck with the move.

You know, you got me thinking now. The B of M would have been a perfect place to store my stash. Damn!


I like getting rid of stuff, most of it just takes up space. I hope you have a good move.

Thanks, brother. I'm looking at it as a new start.


Where are you moving to?

Oxnard, CA. It's a coastal town in Ventura County; strawberry capital of the country. It's, on average, about 20 degrees cooler year round from where I am now.

@Condor5 you had me at strawberries 😉

@HippieChick58 they have a big festival every year with lots of good food, many strawberry dishes, several bands, and a huge craft fair.


Good choice.

I thought so. I would have put them with the dog shit, but that's a different receptacle.


My dad used to say that 3 moves equal 1 fire, as far as getting rid of stuff.

Sounds about right. Although, fire might be a tad more traumatic.

@Condor5 Yeah, probably so.


I found my sister's buybull when I was a child, and took a red ink pen and proceeded to cross out entire paragraphs of it pages on genisous, I crossed out this part and that part and that part and where there was room to write I wrote about how science has made great discoveries over the last 2,000 years, and that this buybull is just filled with bullshit, needless to say she didn't learn anything useful that day and she's been praying to her invisible flying spaghetti monster over and over again through all of these years, god she's stupid.

It's especially difficult, I think, when we learn such things about relatives.


Good luck with your move!

I hope you're happy in your new home.

Thank you. It will be just me and my boys (dogs), no one else, and I am so looking forward to the cooler ocean climate to which I'll be moving. Where I am now, summer heat of well into the upper 90's and low 100's can endure for days and weeks at a time. I just can't stand it any longer.


My goodness! You're doing the right thing. I can't bear heat and humidity either.


I took some flack for throwing out a bible that had been left abandoned on a shelf at a restaurant I used to manage. They said I couldn't do that. I said I just did. They didn't dig it out of the trash.

Hey, that buybull probably had a lot of thump left in it.

@Condor5 Haha! It was pretty, bound in blue leather. But not pretty enough for me to care.

They can ALL be thrown out, not just the buybull but every other religions books and documents!!!!!!!!!

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