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kmdskit3 8 June 5

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Um..that's for women.

Men are typically the ones who seek out women, ask them out, etc., although of course high IQ men are statistically androgynous (having mixed gender characteristics) so might have femme tendencies and wish to be pursued.

Plenty of high IQ women are also high in masculine traits and like to do the pursuing, so it often works out.

I don't know but I don't think this behavior requires gendering. It does require effort, caring and generosity: traits I expect to find in anyone I'm going to give a crap about.

@kmdskit3 You, like most people seem to think the genders are the same and it's only socialization. If you were transgender or gender fluid, you'd find out differently. I'm hard-wired with male traits that are absent in my female side and vice versa.

@birdingnut Definitely don't think the genders are the same. We've had this discussion before. Biology and gender aren't the same. A male side and a female side are biology. Masculine and feminine are gender roles which don't have to be very connected to biology at all. Gender is very arbitrary, socialized and culturally specific. Different cultures have different gender constructs. If you want to talk about how biology affects our identity sure we can do that. Hormones are powerful things but gender and biology are not the same thing and using them interchangeably doesn't make sense. Also everything I've said is not an attempt to invalidate your experience it's just, as I've said, differentiating between gender and biology.


This is good, very good.


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shbz Level 2 June 5, 2018


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