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LINK Why Octopuses are badasses

BeeHappy 9 June 6

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Interesting that i had to open this out of the phone app in order to not only see the images but also have the script line up with the screen. The latter i had already solved by emailing it to myself.
Thank you @BeeHappy for another fascinating post.

Sorry you had trouble opening it. I have trouble opening FB links on my phone but they open fine on my laptop.

@BeeHappy Ditto. I used CM Browser on the phone for it ok. IMO it's an problem. @Admin

@BeeHappy could not open

@Marine, sorry. I try to post YT videos because they usually have no problem playing. But I can't always find them there. Are you to access on your phone or computer?

@Marine, this isn't the same link but close with basically the same info.

@BeeHappy thanks but lacking much of the information of the first article.

@BeeHappy phone.


Not only are they so smart they might be smarter than us there is reason to believe they are actually aliens that came here frozen from another galaxy and than further evolved on Eath ... My band is Arddnt Octopus because they are the coolest animal I know ... here is the Octopi Waltz... An instrumental intended to make you a little uncomfortable?



wow! looks like fun!




love these beasts


I can do what he did..just hurts like a bastard when you roll.

On a serious note..they are smart and their ability to problem solve is incredible.

very smart. might be good for a sapiosexual

@btroje I have no idea what that is, but I am very open minded.


I read that Octopai are the only creature that actually see's in 3D. In order to change their coloring to match any background they have to be able to see the back of the object they are copying. We cannot do that.

very cool. I love it when they emerge from camo mode in videos


Imgur is now a scientific media outlet, or reference. Wow, how the world changes in the vein of human ingenuity.

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