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It baffles me when I hear religious folks defending POTUS's positions, which reflect hate ,on SO many levels. Some use their "FAITH" to justify racism, and so many other rationalizations.

If your God preaches hatred, better get a new god !

jtnewman 4 Dec 23

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Even better switch to no god...


I think the Evangelical community who supports Trump believe in a religion as it affects their community. They don't look outside of their own community. For example most are pro life, but they can't see anyone having choice. If you don't want an abortion don';t have one but don't stop me from having the right to choose.Judge Roy Moore kept the 10 commandments outside his court. He could not separate Church and State. For all the religion he could not keep his hands off of adolescent women either. It's ok when your religion looks the other way.They may help their poor in their community..but anyone outside of the religious circle is a "welfare abuser".


I've had to block a few people on this site that seem to be trolling for Trump. I hate him with a passion I didn't realize I possessed. He constantly reminds me of the guys who tried to touch me inappropriately over the course of an entire lifetime. I wake up every day hoping he stroked out in a Twitter rage. Me, a pacifist who never wished harm on anyone. It's awful.

I used to wish him dead but have decided that's too easy on him. I want him imprisoned for life with guys raping him every day. (I didn't realize I held such capacity for hatred either)

The man IS despicable beyond words, and he hatred he brings out is still seperating people in our country, and around the world ! He is, in short an ***-hole !

Few like POTUS, but I would suggest you need to take some deep breaths ! You won't be able to help to change things.... If YOU"RE the one who strokes out !
Stay strong !

jtnewman Appreciate the advice. If I had not been practicing meditation and deep breathing all this time, I would have stroked out the morning of November 9, 2016.


You mean POS...because we do not have a POTUS


But religious folk are allowed to hate, except on Sunday at church when they are liars. They want to follow rather than think on their own, so if the preacher says it’s good, then it is.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 23, 2017

I used to fear my god-I probably hated god. Preachers who preach hate need to be taken down by their congregations.


It’s always my god is better than your god or gods


As someone who has family members with this mind set, I can say that all they care about is the fact that tRUMPf is catering to their religious beliefs--it sickens me.

"so called religious beliefs " 😉

"Christian" Conservatives, if they're sincere, are definitely not paying attention. Look at the 10 Commandments. Trump wipes with those and no one in that group bats an eye. They just keep singing his praises.

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