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On my FB wall today. Striking resemblance don't you think? I seriously LOL'd, all I could do not to put a laugh emote under it. eeeee

Qualia 8 Dec 24

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I personally think it's ridiculous, and generally ignore the crap.


My sister showed that to me a few days ago. There were a bunch of Amens and Shares in the comments. 😀

Silly sheeple.

Hahahaha 😛

Ewan McGregor makes a great Jesus right? LMAO
I don't even like SW (I know I'm weird) and I knew that much.
What is really hysterical is I know this person was serious....




I see it often, and block someone if they attempt to put it on my page.

Oh they know I'm an atheist so wouldn't dare, because THEN it would leave me no choice but to point out who it really is.


oooooh wow!!! So was this from an xian who never saw Star Wars???

More likely just a joke meme, I think. But funny for sure. 🙂

Yes!!! Lol


May the, uh, Lord be with you…



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