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If you could see any movie remade, what would it be?

Assuming it wouldn't be ruined, what movie would you like to see a remake of?

silvereyes 8 Dec 24

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I've finally come up with a classic film I'd like to see remade: "Behind the Green Door."


There is a Scandinavian movie named "Elling". That's something worth a remake. About 2 socially challenged inepts having lived their whole life sheltered in a government institution suddenly launched into real world because the program ran out of funds... (sounds something going to be happening in america soon with many programs). Anyways it is a great movie and they made a couple sequels too.


"The Hobbit" as one film, properly done without ridiculous additives (like Radagast sledding, Elf-Dwarf romance, barrel-ride battles, etc., etc. - I boycotted Five Armies ...)


Been thinking on casting Eva Green for "Sunset Boulevard" in 20 years. The most dangerous and expressive set of eyes since Gloria Desmond! I got a lot of respect for Helen Mirren at her age she still rocks but I don't know what I will like her to do. Right Now I will like a Remake of "El Cid" with Javier Bardem in the Rui Diaz de Vivar role (charlton heston) and his wife Penelope Cruz in the Gimena Role (Sofia Loren). I was Raised in the Epics Era of Hollywood.


No remake is ever as good as the original, but some movies don't deserve the sequels they do get.

Not a true statement Dracula is a good example.

@GipsyOfNewSpain,which one there's been hundreds?

@VinceRichardson the original was Nosferatu, bram stoker widow refused to give the rights to the title Dracula. I wish I had not give away that Dracula book with all information about all the Dracula Movies ever made but vampire is the most popular monster of them all.... for very good reason.There are so many bad vampire movies and yet they keep coming up and every now and then a good one shows up. I am all good for a good remake when they don't try to make it funny.... I saw the Dracula Ballet in Philadelphia 'bout 8 years ago it was interesting, Reinfeld character stole the show.


Will Smith totally screwed up a favorite of mine with some truly crazy shit. I'd like to see a remake of The Wild, Wild West. It was a great television show. How they came up with that piece of crap they came up with is beyond comprehension.

SamL Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

Silent Running with Bruce Dern. I challenge anyone to name a film from almost 50 years ago which has been more prophetic than Silent Running.

they made a remake already for cable.

Really?? When, and how does one go about viewing it?


would remake all the transformers films. They were so disapointing


Porgy and Bess. Yes, it was made into a movie and it was horrible. It needs a remake.


Killer Tomatoes from Outer Space.


Well most remakes get ruined so we need to be original with our movies it's an easy way for the movie makers to money and keep us in a child like state


Please do remake any 80's movies!!!

That was a bad typo. I just saw that lol. It was supposed to read Please don't remake any 80' movies.

80's was not a good decade for movies.

@cloudyedge You stand corrected. There are very few exceptions.


all the charlie chaplin movies.


Southern comfort .....
During the Vietnam War, a squad of National Guardsmen -- including Hardin (Powers Boothe), a no-nonsense Texan; Reece (Fred Ward), a hunter; and Spencer (Keith Carradine), a sensible private -- take part in a military training exercise in the swamps of Louisiana. After attempting to steal several canoes and firing blanks at a Cajun, the group members find themselves being hunted by the locals. Scared and unfamiliar with the territory, the men must scramble to escape.

Now you talking... those days... that era.


i would re do all the x men movies up to first class. They could have been so much better


It's a wonderful life.

I like the meaning of the story.


The original will always be the best but I'd love to see the media explosion if they remade Blazing Saddles now.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 25, 2017

That's a beauty!


scanners I think would be amazing


I love movies. I have seen quite a few that I wish had been well made the first time. So often they start with a good idea and make a crappy movie. I can't think of a single movie that was good the first time that was improved with a remake.


The 1953 version of War of the Worlds done very much as it was but with great actors and CGI. Perhaps fleshed out a bit and a mite heavier on the science, but not changed. The latest version should have been titled Screaming and Running and Screaming. It was a piece of crap.

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