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Do any of you have holiday traditions?

This is one of mine. A beer fueled jam session with my son, Kris.

Duke 8 Dec 24

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I can't believe I'm actually going to share this pic, but we all had such a great time, I had to.
I bought these sweaters (cheap) back in August, specifically to start this new tradition with my nephew. Before the day was over, everyone in attendance had a pic taken while wearing them. So, these will be the annual Christmas sweaters to go with the hilariously hideous Christmas pajamas we all wore ALL DAY! My family is chock full of crazy people and we like it that way! And yes, I'm wearing a Star Wars hat with Yoda ears.


I "celebrate" American christmas and easter- dinner and presents with the family. We keep the tradition with absolutely no religious flare.


Enjoy the time of year and the great sales. You do not need to partake in anything else and can easily ignore it. In a word don't be scrooge !!! No one likes them.


Ya, I have one tradition, staying out of the stores for about two months- till Santa Clauses' birthday is over. That moronic howling really gets to me. It is the 26th and it's still on. Maybe they are trying to get ahead of the next assault on intelligence, the 2018 event.

My take on it: it is about Santa Clause and his Uncle Rudolf, with the 'red nose'; he has to stay out of that cheap plonk; it will do the nose every time. And not to forget is his crazy dog, Jeezuz.


your post finally showed..strange...well mine is to have a meal with my kids on the evie of the 24th...most we do is watch old videos and pictures and talk about our life journey ...since there is only 3 of us here all our family are back in Brazil.
By the way loved the video, you guys rock!

Sorry. I didn't watch the video- maybe I missed something great. It wasn't an intentional omission. I have NOTHING against happy events.

I 'always' like to hear about people with a happy family. "Good news" is good news. There is way too much bad news.


Cool beans, @Duke -- Used to do the same with my eldest daughter and friends. Lots of fun and some super nice memories.


Tons of them! We cut our own tree and decorated with fishing tackle. We ate our traditional from scratch mac-n-cheese tonight followed by a drive to see the lights while listening to our favorite Celtic holiday music. Tomorrow we will awaken to our own recipe of honey-raisin bread baking (set the machine), and will end the day with our annual standing rib roast dinner.

Zster Level 8 Dec 25, 2017

I married a great woman on xmas day. Divorced I still call her on Dec 25th. A different type of holiday.


That is nice. Barley pop is a nice substance 🙂

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