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My dad told my niece and nephews to stop saying "Oh my god!" as they excitedly played with their toys. He told my sister to stop them because god could kill them. It took everything in me not to bust my gut laughing. What craziness have you heard today?

spiderwolfmoon 6 Dec 25

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perfect example of brainwashing from an insane christian


OMG, Not that, THANK GOD ! 🙂


hehe...cute and an excellent example of the erosion of religious beliefs. Are these children being raised in the same religion?

Not really for my nephews. Their mom doesn't go to church. My niece's mom does take her but she's not extreme.


South Park Christmas.


Crazy for sure. But I would have been angry, not amused.

Nah, the kids didn't hear that part and they kept saying it.

@spiderwolfmoon What a relief! OK to laugh, then.


A boring X-mas with my aunt and uncle.


Actually I'm having an uncrazy Christmas, we did our family holiday on Saturday, and today had breakfast with one of the kids and the grandbaby's first birthday. Shortly I'm going to a Chinese restaurant for dinner with the local Humanists chapter. And I had a nap. It is like the most perfect weekend ever.

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