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Do you like being outside?

DianeFitzRobin 4 June 13

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Yes unless it’s too hot or cold, too dry or humid, raining or snowing, too windy or not enough wind, too many bugs....on second thought, no, I don’t like being outside

reads like you know yourself


Of what?

Coldo Level 8 June 14, 2018

I love your wit.

of inside; cool Deb57 loves your wit^?

@DianeFitzRobin Inside of what?

@Coldo not outdoors?


If it's comfortable weather, and biting insects are at a minimum, I quite enjoy the outdoors. I especially like the woods.

I miss the woods, trees here can be spindly-evergreens are plentiful thankfully


I love being outside. Spend almost all of my free time in the woods, either hunting, fishing, or hiking. It's the only place for me!

Sounds ideal to do those activities all the time solitude1457! I will fish this weekend


Only if there are very few people around. Preferably none.

I like both extremes-completely solitary and multitudes of people, JeezumsCripes

@DianeFitzRobin Interesting. Do you feel multitudes offer you some kind of anonymity, or do you like being among a lot of people?

@JeezumsCripes a little bit of a) and a little more of b)


I have been outside most of my life, that's why I went into construction management instead of lab work as a microbiologist.

just finished my first construction apprenticeship-very cool you're in mgmt Surfpirate-good skillset

@DianeFitzRobin Actually I'm a retired master builder who did a lot of construction management on hotel projects before I retired and built my own custom home by myself. I haven't finished it yet but it's not like I have a crew of 100 guys anymore.

@Surfpirate good job; excellent design choice, I haven't built a hotel yet, looking forward to the opportunity. My hall says Ontario construction is busy again. * when you finish your house please post a pic, we both know that incredible feeling of accomplishment and pride, you'll enjoy it

@DianeFitzRobin Designed it myself based on several structures my wife and I liked while traveling in Argentina and Chile. This is house number 353 for me, possibly my last one but you never know, I still think I may have one more hotel left in me, that would take the total up to 8 hotels.

@Surfpirate sweet! don't forget to contact Local 771-Regina, Sk Union Ironworkers to safely erect your next hotel iron before deadline and under-budget! (shameless plug for my union brothers/sisters and I....tell your colleagues!)

@DianeFitzRobin I've worked with union and non-union workers, doesn't matter to me because I'm a 4th generation Canadian builder. If you're on my crew then you are my people and I will defend you like a mother grizzly bear, doesn't matter to me.

@Surfpirate yes!!! bigbear Surfpirate

@DianeFitzRobin Although a momma bear has been known to eat her own cubs if they endanger her other cubs. I've had to fire a few menaces to the crew over the years, a danger to themselves and others. Engineers and architects are obviously fair game if they mess with my people. 😉

@Surfpirate ha! I catch your meaning. Both those occupations have their merit. I'm certainly respectful of their experience and education.

They can be quirky/eccentric; eager and honest.
I watched a video with Daniel Libeskind about his R.O.M. project and I've never heard more honest words....."building is a discovery process"
(translated=the bluecollar builders will problem solve, lol)
As for engineers, you got to love them. Almost all want the practical applied skills we practice day in, day out. It's a wonder they don't also complete a building trades' apprenticeship.
In fact, a union brother I put up an office building in Saskatoon with is also completing his Structural Engineering university degree. I applaud him.

@DianeFitzRobin I've long said that an architect should be required to complete 2 years in the trades before he can practice as an architect, it would save everyone a lot of time, money and headaches. No more 'to be determined on site' notes in the blueprints, which is just code for I could draw it but have no idea how to build it, sure hope the construction manager can figure it out.


24/7 if I could, some days it is close to that, love sleeping on the beach.

I once hung out for over 6 hours watching the Atlantic Ocean tide but haven't slept on the beach yet, Rugglesby, but I will


I love the outdoors and nature and the change of seasons. I walk outside three miles a day at least five days a week winter and summer on a beautiful wooded trail, and look forward to it every morning. I also have a small flower garden and check it out first thing in the morning every day. Being out in nature is an important part of my life and a wonderful stress reliever.

you and confidentrealm are consistent walkers, ezwryder. I started a small flower garden but am not home enough to tend to it. Maybe I can plan/ budget to take next summer off to garden. To have your own wooded trail......


Yes I love being outside but not when it’s hot and buggy. I’m spending a lot of time indoors lately. Florida.

oh well kltuckmn

When I live in Florida I had a dog I walked twice a day. That really got me in the walking mood although he was slow. Even in the summer, I still loved it. Just as hot and buggy in Houston but I don't let it bother me. All part of nature.


In the fall, when all the bugs have gone back to hell where they belong, and temps are no longer competing with my oven to see who can bake me the fastest- sure, I love being outside.

DerekD Level 7 June 14, 2018

such a perfect time of year-I don't believe there's a hell, btw

@DianeFitzRobin it’s just a figure of speech, my friend. If there is a hell, I’d say that it would be WalMart on Black Friday

@DerekD I say Oh my God.....and at regular 12 step meetings I'll read verbatim but all my fellow members know I have a higher power, not a God.
We never used to have Black Friday in Canada but I've seen news reports on how crazy it gets-surely, hellish


I hate heat, so no, not right now.

Hermit Level 7 June 14, 2018

heat will not last forever, thank goodness

@DianeFitzRobin It lasts a while around here.

@Hermit ooooo, pace yourself-that's a challenging environment


☀️me as well


I like the outside but it doesn't like me. I sunburn way too easily. ?

I hope one day parasols will be fashionable/available again

@DianeFitzRobin I have a couple. The problem I have with them is people don't look where they're going and they run into them. One was already damaged and I got yelled at for 'taking up so much space.' ?

@memorylikeasieve oh that's great you have parasols. To those people who complain, I'd ignore them. Or get sarcastic, "wow. just wow. you'd allow an umbrella, but not a parasol? same real estate bud."


I'm about to go camping for a week.....outside in the Forrest is my favorite place to be. I think there's something that the quiet of nature gives you that can't be attained in any other way.

pretty much your best source of natural silence


If the sun isn't too bright and it's not too hot or too cold

that sun is so powerful


I do too, bigpawbullets


The Sun vitamin D...

Etre Level 7 June 13, 2018

So important, my vision improves being in lots of light too Etre, I can see more?


Outside of what?

outside of civilized and ordered living, such as stepping over the threshold of a doorway into raw weather

@DianeFitzRobin it all depends on the motivation. Sure love smell of fresh air and sun beams on my face. As a former sailor.... put me in the middle of the ocean.... no land on sight just water, clouds, sky and scent of salt in the sea. Outside to me is no land coordinates.

@GipsyOfNewSpain a sailor! wow!


Absolutely ! That's where most of my favorite creatures are ...

there's so many creatures I haven't seen yet outdoors

@DianeFitzRobin here in Florida, especially where I am, not a day goes by without good sightings ! One of the main reasons I moved here. Last night , I watched a family of foxes cavorting in the grass - sweet !

@evergreen I see foxes everywhere

@DianeFitzRobin "everywhere !?" No hearing bells, or seeing jeezus in a graham cracker though - right ? <grin>

@evergreen ha! ok, to be specific, 3 dens in 2 days


I grew up outside in Central PA, but today, living as I do in SW FL, it depends on the time of year. (Though I am out for a couple of hours most days for an early morning bike ride.)

Jeshuey, that's a dramatic change, good for you for experiencing this. Another bikerider on this site too! Keep up your morning rides!


Love it. I walk everyday. I love the summer

Every day is so committed. Great confidentrealm!

@DianeFitzRobin Yep I made the commitment. Even in the rain this morning. It makes me feel great!

@confidentrealm awwww, I can sense your enthusiasm-keep it going, an inspiration


I like walking the dog, gardening, yard work, the occasional camping trip, paddling my canoe or just taking a nature walk.



I hate being indoors. I used to work in IT and hated being trapped inside. Now I'm a farmer and love every minute of being outside with my animals.

Jon791 Level 4 June 14, 2018

good career move Jon791


Any day spent outdoors in nature or natural surroundings is preferable to being stuck indoors or around's why I garden and why I hike and travel.

any day is a good day outdoors, I agree


succinct answer!

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