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devos is out to destroy education just like all his posts. They are not appointed to improve their appointments rather they are there to destroy them.

Marine Level 8 June 17, 2018

It's becoming a more and more scary country. Time to leave?

@JustKip The world is wide


We are moving rapidly backwards. The DeVos and Trump gang want to roll things back to the 20s but with more religion ! ?

Ohub Level 7 June 16, 2018

I suspect that all you need to do is rewrite the article replacing "Church" with "Mosque" and describe the policy as "librul" then you'll see grass roots support evaporate.


These are the same hypocrites who condemn Middle Eastern Islamic states for using religious laws in court.

Petter Level 9 June 16, 2018

Your statement can be read in several different ways. I'm assuming you're referring to the religious right?

@AstralSmoke You assume correctly.



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