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Ok so I have aspergers as do my kids, as such I have always suffered with depression ;I joined a reenactment society and having something else to.focus on helps ,I LOVE history so this suits me ad I get very involved in the living history ;
How all cope with depression and anxiety?

By 1ditrana5
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For mild depression, I've found a few things help:

  • get out of the house and do something new
  • get some exercise or physical activity in general
  • go outside and get some sun and fresh air, enjoy nature
  • volunteer or do something to help someone else

For the most part, these actions are about getting out of my own head and to quit dwelling on myself, my problems, etc. These things are healthy distractions that force me to focus my attention elsewhere and help give me a better perspective overall.

resserts Level 8 June 17, 2018

Improve diet, exercise and sleep.

Quality of sleep is very important for my mental health. Complete darkness, a good pillow that stays cool and provides the right head support, melatonin supplements 1 hour before bed and a “gravity blanket” all help.

The gravity blanket is my latest addition. It also helps with ADHD so I use it to calm down my 8 yr old son before bedtime.

I find that an anti-inflammatory diet helps fight depression. Stay away from processed and high sugar foods. Good anti-inflammatory supplements are fish oil and turmeric/curcumin.

Therapy. If you can find the right therapist.

Jagnostic Level 6 June 17, 2018

I need to get back on my diet. You are right.


For me, it's exercise and practicing my instrument. But there is no guarantee these will always work. Winston Churchill referred to his depression as his "black dog." It was always lurking nearby to attack, sometimes at unexpected times.


I bottle it up inside and hate everyone around me. But it’s easy because they usually deserve the resentment.

Although, I do RP on forum boards and that helps.

Leo716 Level 6 June 17, 2018

I do so terribly, I indulge in copious amounts of alcohol during my off time, and a fair amount of cigarettes at work to stave off the creeping thoughts. Then again I am in my more macabre moods today so don't take this rant of mine to heart as it's not 100% of the time....anyways...

Medication has been one failure after another, with some making it worse; others just adding to the list of symptoms; and a few that had me unable to distinguish reality from dreams.

Therapy doesn't do much for me either, I just feel like I'm being informally interrogated and it just puts me on the defensive.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, and while I thought it was just a mis-diagnosis as "wow what a shock, a young boy fidgets at his desk at school and doesn't pay attention to boring school subjects. Who'dve thunk-ed-dededed it?!!?!?!"

The more that I look into it now, meh they may have been right, and that may be the overlooked factor in all my treatments thus far. For now it's dark humor and wine. smile002.gif

Wow....good luck man.

@Mitch07102 Thank you.
Also I must insist, this is my more snark, melancholic, and bitter mind state.

Most times it's lighter humor, gentle sarcasm, and way less self destruction.

Hope it gets better soon

@BeardedWonder At an early age I learned that humour was an excellent remedy. That and powerful, classical, symphonic music.

@Petter This is too true, I've got comedians memorized akin to a philosophy major memorizing Socrates quotes.

Thinking back as I edit this post, my past musings as to why some music moves me emotionally at times more than others is starting to make a semblance of sense.... yay!


I suffer from boughts of high anxiety that can lead to crippling panic attacks, but therapy Deffinetly helped me to learn to cope with it, and I discovered if I step back and analyze the surroundings and situation and watch my breathing, everything else falls in to place. As for the depression, talking it out with someone close always helps or watching something im intrested in and even meeting new people can help me. Therapy and a whole lot of self reflection have made a world of difference for me. I still battle with it but it is much more manageable.

SeanNock Level 5 June 17, 2018

I feel your pain. I've had severe depression since I was a kid. Would burst out in tears for no apparent reason sometimes. To cope I would go to sleep, listen to music, go to the libraries self help, psychology, philosophy sections, now I'm more into Astronomy. Music videos help a lot. Watching a movie that I can get lost in. Riding my bicycle. When I was a kid I rode all of the time and built my own bikes. I've done counseling and gone to psychiatrist to try different meds since I was in my 20s. Was on Paxil for years. I do not recommend it. It killed my libido and sexual functioning. I dropped it and everything went back to normal. I do strongly recommend trying meds. They do help me and millions of others. Also my doctor sent me to a sleep study. Discovered I have sleep apnea. My brain was waking up many times an hour. You can die from sleep apnea. Not being able to sleep soundly all night can really effect ones mood during the day.

JohnINFP Level 7 June 17, 2018

It's lonely having aspergers ,mostly you feel like you are living life inside a glass jar! People don't try to understand at all ?

@1ditrana sorry about the loneliness, I can relate to that, depression and anxiety. I think people will read what you write about asbergers and other things that you want them to understand. I wonder if there are asbergers support groups online?


I have depression, anxiety, and ADD. I am also most likely on the spectrum, but there currently is no protocol in place to diagnose autism in adults. Aside from my medication, my most reliable coping method is to binge watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Previously I have been on meds, zoloft comes to mind and something else later. The meds had some weird side effects, I started some uncharacteristic behavior. I got off all meds, I use B vitamins, exercise, yoga, healthier eating, and I resolved some of the issues that were bothering me. I still veer into depression with great regularity, but I know I will be OK, that the episode will pass. For me, I noticed a change when I stopped eating processed foods. I don't eat any food that have a commercial, except nuts. Cashews are good for depression. I eat foods as they are found in nature, not boxed, processed, or fake; and usually limit sugars.

Cashews, eh? You and I have yet another thing in common. I love them raw or lightly roasted. I avoid processed foods except that sometimes when I'm travelling I have little choice. (I still insist bacon is allowed, though!) I do, though, have a weakness for sugar in my Rooibos or (decaffeinated) tea.

@Petter I make tea every day to take to work, and sometimes I use Roobios. I brew it fresh and then ice it. The tea bags or tea leaves go into my worm box. Yeah, bacon. I actually made soap with bacon fat once. Doesn't smell like bacon but I like knowing it is in there.


Does anyone actually cope with depression and anxiety? I have learned to live with the person I have become on very bad days. But coping? Nope. Never

Iamkratom Level 6 June 17, 2018

I cope through sleep or repeated computer upgrades that are a main problem. Once I get set up right on 3 computers Microsoft comes along and wants to knock that all down. It keeps me busy.


I get up and go fishing. Always good medicine.

Mikeb56 Level 7 June 17, 2018

A little off topic, but you're welcome to join the reenactors group here: "Historical Re-enactors & Cosplayers" Group

cmadler Level 7 June 17, 2018

You'll be sick of me before the evening's out. There's an Autism/Aspergers group which you're welcome to join smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 June 17, 2018

Any tips or advice,how do.ypu all cope?

1ditrana Level 5 June 17, 2018

I also do certain exercises 3 days a week and I used to bodybuild when I was younger. Taking selected vitamins helps and maybe getting out of the house to do things. It doesn't have to be anything special. Just "you time" with others or alone in a chosen area.


Thank you all for your comments !

1ditrana Level 5 June 19, 2018

Poorly. Hatred and disgust for the unworthy living surfaces and I just try to figure out how to forcefully sterilize the global population.

JohnINFP Level 7 June 17, 2018

I also have depression but I don't want to take drugs. I paint but it's not like it used to be. Many people around me have died lately and I have cancer, so I feel like I have a legitimate excuse to be depressed, not just because I'm mentally ill. I don't believe I am . My daughter thinks I need to see a shrink but I gave that up years ago. I just need something or someone in my life . I hate being alone. I keep isolating myself more and more. I'm not sure how to get out of this funk.

Go to a good psychologist, do talk therapy. They will professionally evaluate and diagnose your mental health. If psychologist recommends you see a psychiatrist, then go. If psychiatrist recommends medication, then do it. It takes time. Stick with it. Don't wait another day. Go! It's your life. Listen to you daughter.


@JohnINFP thanks John.

@confidentrealm I'm sorry I was so blunt. I didn't want make feel worse. I just don't want others to suffer when the help is out there. I suffered for years until a girlfriend persisted with me to get help. I couldn't see it, but she did. Now I'm much better. I hope for you to feel better soon.


I wish you well. I have depression that gets severe. It stims from a realization that my past is more my life than anything I do today. Married 3 times and living with another woman until she died, my life had always been one of variety and adventure. Health reasons come along that involve nueropathy, constant tiredness, and a big belly. I'm on no meds for depression but I'm also aware my best days are behind me. I occupy myself with 3 hours of work daily, political activism on the side, watching my many TV programs, maintaining and upkeeping my 3 computers, and trying to keep Microsoft and others from undermining me. The computer thing alone is a constant battle. I'm not really a perfectionist but I want everything to work properly. If staying busy this way is not enough there is always sleep, then wake up and try it all again.

DenoPenno Level 8 June 17, 2018

TMG(tri-methyl-glycine) for depression; kava kava for anxiety. Also exercise helps for both.

doug6352 Level 7 June 17, 2018



Medication, therapy, mindfulness practices like meditation, writing, singing, rest, supportive friends, self-care.

bleurowz Level 8 June 17, 2018

Exercise helps the best I think. I just started lifting weights again after 28 years. Starting easy. I also walk a lot. I see a therapist because my family (both origin and grown children) have some mental illness and a lot of drama and I need help to process, keep healthy boundaries, and make good choices. Also, I’ve started knitting again which is very meditative. Those are my 3 top recommendations for depression, especially for those who find themselves alone as I do. I wish you well. Do take care of yourself.

Elusia8 Level 6 June 17, 2018

Some sort of distraction, playing music or hanging out with friends. When I'm alone l have found nothing that works, and l hate it. In the 90's l was on Zoloft for a couple of years, and that worked great. I should have probably stayed on that.

Sticks48 Level 9 June 17, 2018

Non-religious people don't often have a support network like that of the religious, so we have to take better care of each other, & get involved in the community.

Kohelath Level 6 June 17, 2018
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