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For the members that have a Facebook page. If you had to give up either Facebook or which would you choose. I would give up Facebook. My reason for that would be I have alternative ways of hearing from my Facebook friends

By Shelton8
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Facebook is my direct line to many people from my past. I won't be giving that up. This site is a completely different thing. A bunch of strangers that think more like I do about religion. They serve totally different purposes for me.


I found both of these sites to be an adult pacifier but facebook is like a kid with a gun, can be more random fun or hatred . Agnostics has purpose in bringing the truth out. Big difference.


I love both. I get pics every day from family on FB.

Here is intelligence.

Not that my family isn't intelligent.

But they aren't here.


This. Family, friends, basically everyone in my life is on Facebook.


Haven't been on FB since last year. There were some advantages on FB that we don't have here. Most of my friends on FB were blogging buddies, advocates, and activists.

"I have alternative ways of hearing from my Facebook friends"



Also the people on here who I've made good friends with, we have other ways to contact each other.

Jenmcjen Level 6 June 17, 2018

I'd rather not give up either, but if it was an either/or, I'd have to keep Facebook. Because I have a HUGE family! I have 137 cousins on Facebook. I message to all of them throughout the year, some frequently. I do like being on here, but it's not family...yet.

Jenmcjen Level 6 June 17, 2018

@Shelton Yep I love it.


I'd give up FB, I have much more fun here. However, my kids are on FB, and some good friends and my sister. So I would do so only with great reluctance.


gimme $50 and I'll give them both up

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