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Religious Homosexuals

Why are there gay people who are religious?

If god's word states in Romans that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination. Why on earth are there homosexuals who still workship him? Just because in most verses in the Bible god claims to love his people does not mean he accepts your lifestyle. You can't focus on the pretty stuff. This concept of god is man made because there is no consistency in gods word. Now there are churches accepting homosexuals. So religion is man made organization. Am I the only one who thinks it's all bullshit?

Tendix 5 June 18

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If you list all the possible "sins" in the Bible, and only let those who don't have any in the pews, the pews would be empty. Then Christianity would soon go out of Business selling its dreams of a magic afterlife for cash on collection plates. Most sins the Christians have no problem with, but they love to find a target to look down on and feel superior. On the early part of the 20th century divorce was the big sin, but when Christians started getting so many divorces themselves it slowly changed to picking on gays even more than they used to. Strangely, there are higher rates for unwanted teen pregnancies, and for use of Internet porn in the Bible Belt States, yet THEY are the ones telling other people how to live their lives!


Feel the same way about Republican women


You mean religion? Yeah, it's all bullshit. Gay people can believe and justify bullshit just like anybody else.

zeuser Level 8 June 18, 2018

exactly, their sexuality has nothing to do with their dumb-ass religious beliefs


Have you seen Jesus up on that cross? Rowwr!


@RobLawrence Yes, but SO cross!


Given that religion is bullshit to begin with, you should hardly expect consistency out of it.


For the record last time I checked Christianity wasn't the only religion on Earth.


I would argue that Romans isn't "God's word". Romans was a letter written by Saul of Tarsus to a church in Rome. It was his opinion (though he claims to have had hallucinatory conversations with Jesus) on how people should behave and how the church should be run.

Meep70 Level 7 June 19, 2018

@iamjc yeah, but I spilled my kool-aid instead of drinking it. πŸ™‚


Because you're born gay or straight, or bi. No one would choose a life of discrimination. If you're also born into a religious community, you've got double trouble.


People take that book, the bible, and interpret it in any way that suits and justifies their behavior. The snake handling christians are one just one example.


Well there is more than one religion, but any that are gay and follow the Abrahamic ones baffle me besides the fact that they can be indoctrinated and cherry pick like the rest of humanity...


Who else would be priests, though?


Curiously, there is no mention in the gospels regarding homosexuality that I am aware of, therefore, from a textual viewpoint, Jesus is silent on the matter. In Corinthians Paul uses the term arsenos koiton translated from Leviticus which refers to shrine prostitution. Bearing in mind that in Romans Paul criticises 'gossips, slanderers, the arrogant and boastful' in the same context as homosexuality declaring "such things are worthy of death", looks like we are probably all off for a stoning! The only voices of dissent that we hear on the issue of homosexuality are from Paul and in the text of 1 Timothy which also uses the expression arsenos koiton. It seems that the problem is not with Jesus but with Paul. Is Paul's zeal and impatient paranoia sufficient to inspire such ire in the name of his 'saviour'? To cut Paul a bit of slack he was speaking in a specific time in a specific location, for a specific mission but I would suggest the ideas are no longer pertinent.

Brilliant response. My heart rate increased as I read your words because I am SO in agreement. Well done, you!

@SheBeSecular Thank you Anytime!?

@iamjc Hahaha...he lives in Australia, unfortunately.


That's the whole point of atheism. I don't understand how anyone can believe in fairytales.

I get your point, but I really believe a large number of religious people are only religious by default. They go with the flow, celebrate holidays, and believe only superficially without questioning.

JimG Level 8 June 18, 2018

The "Old Testament" has been given the heave,dwindling church attendance is the reason for homosexuals being welcome with open arms.

Coldo Level 8 June 18, 2018

Yeah, I don't get it either. It's hard to shake indoctrination..

Marz Level 7 June 18, 2018

I have never understood this either, why would you fight so hard for acceptance in to an organisation that hates who and what you are, claims you are a crime against nature and twice in its own sacred texts condemns you to painful inhumane execution.

In another group I previously belonged to, I was on speaking terms with a well known human rights and LBGTQ activist, who was knocking himself stupid to get back in to the LDS church, who had excommunicated him for his Homosexuality.
I kept asking him why and he kept saying because he WAS A MORMON, a denomination that by definition despises gays people as one of their major selling points.

I know about cognitive dissonance by some people abuse the privilege.

I confronted a Somali missionary in my home town with just that point, poor lad had no idea what I was talking about, so I demanded his Utah born companion explain it to him, the lousy git lied to my face and said he had never heard of the black priesthood ban and that I must be mistaken.
This is how low the church has gone in its now desperate attempts to recruit new members for poor African countries.

@LenHazell53 you "demanded"??????
The proper response to anyone who demands anything from another is f* ck off, period.

Sorry Anne have done or said something to upset you?


Remember the two words that keep 95% of people in the Republican party:




No, you are not the only one that thinks so. Your post is absolutely correct. The bible is not reliable for much.

we do know their was a king david. lol


Gay people have always played roles in society as priests as artists as healers or truth tellers..this is acceptable in many cultures such as some polynesian societies or for example the hopi culture..i think the gay gene would not exist if it did not provide a social benefit..

Zeta Level 3 June 20, 2018

Cognitive dissonance is a wonderfully frightening thing, and explains how people can believe something that classifies their basic nature as sinful.

icolan Level 7 June 19, 2018

These are not necessarily "God's" words, as they are interpretations of what God says. Basically, gays are not accepting God, they are rejecting mainstream religion. Regardless of the fact I don't believe in God, I can still appreciate the distinction they make in their decision to believe.

godef Level 7 June 18, 2018

Believe fine, but why join a church, what would you say to a black man who wanted to Join the KKK, because he really hated black people?
The comparison is no exaggeration, the only reason Christians don't stone gays is because they don't like the pillow case over the head look any more, but the KKK got that look from the Spanish Roman Catholic church Semanas in the first place, who wore the hoods to not be recognized when killing "Misbelievers".

@LenHazell53 I'm just saying that it's evident to me there is no real conflict in gays believing in God, that they believe directly in their god, and not in the bullshit rules made up by bigots in the name of that god. I've stated before, that as an American patriot, that I am committed to individuals having the freedom to believe whatever they want. I will only get feisty if they in turn try to use that belief to manipulate laws that ultimately affect me. It really is a two way street.

I came to the understanding it was entirely inspiration, not actual, and that anything in it can be rewritten according to the wants of the hierarchy. I think people are realizing more and more that they can be in charge of their own spirituality and connection to what they believe is deity and use that to rewrite the rules for themselves. When enough people get together with that in mind, things change. It gets rough and takes time but they do change.

I think between so many people leaving orthodox Christianity in particular and religion in general, and so many trying to change things, be so modern and progressive, religions are going to have to step up or step out to meet the needs of the people... providing that is their intent in the first place. You never know with some sects.

@godef But the bullshit rules are created by their god. Romans 1 vs 26,26 states that homosexuality is unnatural and an abomination. The bible is God's word so Christians are only following his word. God can't start loving you for who you naturally are if who you naturally are is an abomination. Therefor god is man made and therefore he doesn't fuckin exist. When I was 6 I made up an imaginary friend who was real to me and never teased or call me names. Same thing with god.

@Tendix Religion is man made. We don't even believe in God on this site, so we know this. What I'm saying is, it's not impossible that religious gays are interested in a benevolent god, and not the god of Southern Baptists and other bigoted religions. You may as well blame me for sexually assaulting women because of the misdeeds of Harvey Weinstein under your logic. And of course, then you also have to accuse all middle easterns of religious extremism.

@Tendix the bible also contains incest. It is not accepted by the church today. Why?


choices. I support their beliefs even as fucked up as it seems. it’s right for them is all that matters.


Yep, you are the only one.

@RobLawrence Read the last sentence of the OP. This is just my nonsensical response.

It refers back to the last line of the OP.
And from the other comments, it can be seen to be erroneous


Why go to church if you're divorced and remarried. Certainly the Bible states one spouse for life with the exception of adultery.
Organized religion eventually evolve but it's normally too late to fix the lives they broke.
I have seen churches where the LGTBQ community are accepted, loved and welcomed. Ames church in IL comes to mind.


They were just raised with it, I’d guess.


I've always had the same question about all kinds of people who've suffered grave repression. Native Americans and African Americans for example.

"If you're a black Christian, you have a real short memory." - Chris Rock

Gyanez Level 5 July 16, 2018
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