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Have you ever felt hatred towards the human species?

Even if only a temporary condition. Have you ever been so fed up with people in general, that you find you hate most of them? Im ashamed to admit that I have. Hate is a terrible thing to feel. But sometimes i feel this way.

MsAnneThrope 5 June 19

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Yes, but I cannot give up on us. Despite the odds I hope that someday we evolve enough to get to understand how to get along and not destroy the place we call home.


Every day.


I’m all about it


You mean like right now, with about 1/3 of this country. Sure


Hate no - disdain yes


Sometimes, yes.


Is this another one of those trick questions? I like certain individuals but I hate Humanity as a whole. This is a constant state by the way ,not just at every now and then thing.


Are you fucking kidding me? Lol! Yes


extreme distaste

btroje Level 9 June 20, 2018

You should not be ashamed of hating a malignant growth that is destroying all animal and plant life on this planet .


Close … more often, disgusted ~

Varn Level 8 June 19, 2018

It feels that way sometimes. I've found that the biggest conclusion I've come to, is we are a planet of unique individuals, with highly complex and personal likes and dislikes, and if we were all just a lot better at managing the differences between ourselves, and learned to be a little kinder and a little more respectful, the world might be a gentler place to live.

It seems like there are more boorish people around than I would like to have to deal with, and people seen more keen on being right than getting along.

Other times, I think it's not so much me being misanthropic as it is a realization that there are very few people that I will be able to get along with, and I just keep my distance.


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I refuse to let a few bad men destroy my opinion of half of the human race.

That's why my email account starts with "hiker optimist." It describes me.

I am, by and large, boundlessly positive. I have all the joyful ebullience of an idiot. 🙂


I'm developing a sincere loathing for stupid, gullible people.

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