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Would you? Could you?

If you were presented with incontrovertible, science-based data showing that eating a low-fat vegan diet reverses and prevents many of the common ills associated with the aging process, would you adopt such an eating regimen?

RobLawrence 7 June 21

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EdEarl Level 8 June 22, 2018

I’m already a vegan for 8 years. I don’t necessarily eat low fat or low anything. I eat a balanced plant-based diet. I’m 47 and healthier than ever. I have more energy and endurance than twenty something friends. And I enjoy the heck out of what I’m eating. That said, I’m not vegan for my health.


I am mostly vegan yet will admit that I still have a small liking of cheese and eggs.


Sure. If I could afford it. So no.

@RobLawrence If I wanted to fill up on corn, sure. But have you ever checked the nutrition facts on corn? It's very difficult to get enough protein, especially, without meat, and when you already have issues getting enough nutrients (like I do), it becomes almost impossible.

@RobLawrence Cows also eat pounds of grass, and have specialized four chamber stomachs. I'm not a cow, and can't get enough protein out of grains and cheap veggies to sustain me. The expensive, fancy mushrooms and nuts, possibly (although with my particular metabolism, perhaps not), but not on my budget.


Moot point. Never happen.Impossible!

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