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Would you? Could you?

If you were presented with incontrovertible, science-based data showing that eating a low-fat vegan diet reverses and prevents many of the common ills associated with the aging process, would you adopt such an eating regimen?

RobLawrence 7 June 21

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No--because diet is only one component and the combinations of the components are exponential...genetics, water consumption, quality of food, exercise, etc. cannot all be controlled unanimously to clearly define ONE thing as being the one that is "Incontrovertible"...the best you can do is show a correlation...I agree that eating healthier can make you feel better now, but everything else contributes to whether or not it will make a difference in how long you might live. You could die tomorrow, so eat a freaking donut

And a BLT sandwich.


Yes, I would definitely try. But, it would be REALLY hard to give up bacon!

Bacon would be difficult, but probably not the most difficult (I'd have to think about what that was.... probably pizza). I'd also try, but fear I would fail.


I would be tempted. I'm also tempted by the taste of food that is bad for me. I think about how quantity and quality of life need to be balanced. But if my health issues were so bad that they threatened my, life, I would get with the regimen very fast!


No. I would rather live for 75 years and enjoy every steak than live for 82 and eat like a goddamn rabbit every day.


No. I would feed everyone else that diet if it resulted in thinking that the more you age, the more beautiful you become. That wrinkles were beautiful. That scars were a badge of courage.

Although I completely agree, what if the question where positioned in a way that it can prevent certain things that come with age . For example my family jewel is dementia on my mother side . It's a scary condition and unfortunately what would then be your take ?


I doubt it. I love meat and dairy too much. And honestly, I'm 50 in November, I'm in better physical shape than I was a decade ago and I don't feel a day over 30 anyway, so eating freely doesn't seem to have done me any mischief.


I've heard that being married also makes one live longer, but actually agree with the notion in both cases that .... it only SEEMS longer. ?


I doubt I would. Life is more than just trying to stay alive and living as long as you are capable of living. Everyone is going to die eventually and there is no escaping that fact.
Until my number's up, I'm gonna fill my cup, I'm gonna live until I die.


No. Simply eating healthy can do the same thing, you don't need to be vegan.



Marine Level 8 June 22, 2018



You’d be talking about just averages. Individual results will always vary. A local man who lived to 109 was often seen in Hardy’s with his two girl friends.

How about if we just eat sensible portions and take long walks?


I always share this link. And people always roll their eyes and dismiss me. But ultimately, there is no fun in being sick.



I'm already mostly vegan but I do still enjoy the odd bacon sandwich. Oh and Chicken-mayo sandwich. And I have to have cheese in my beans toasty. Eggs for breakfast are also nice.

But apart from those, yeah, complete vegan. ?

smoyle Level 6 June 22, 2018

If there was science io back it up im sure there is cause I've heard from a friend who is a vegan that has scientific evidence that it does

Drew69 Level 7 June 22, 2018

Already have


What are the expenses,and can anyone afford to do so?


Nah, like cheese too much!


I smoke so no

But in this scenario the diet would inoculate you to the ill-effects of smoking, right? 😉

@BlueWave Yeah right and god made little green apples


Not if it meant no flavor...
I don't want to be here anyway...


Yes, who wouldn't? Until then, babyback pork ribs, baby.


It is very difficult to find incontrovertible data about anything diet related. I've read numerous books on this subject and usually find myself agreeing with the last book I read. But I will relate the joke I read about the low-fat diet: "It doesn't help you live longer, it just makes it seems like it is longer."

In general I try to eat a high fat diet, and one advantage is my skin hasn't wrinkled. Fat may be the healthiest food, because it is the only food type that doesn't provoke an insulin response


The only meat I eat is fish, so I'm mostly vegetarian, but since I've had cancer, strangely, my body has had other ideas. I'm taking cannabis oil and getting better, but one thing that happened was that my severe food allergies seem to have mostly disappeared as my appetite returned.

My fish intake has doubled and I started eating ice cream and sticky rice mixed fruit rolls, things I couldn't eat for decades. I even could eat dried shrimp thingies that look and taste like pork rinds.
It seems like my body is craving and needing animal oils because now when I eat them, I improve.


Unfortunately I do not have that option.
Transplant physicians ask that I consume a small clean portion of animal protein every day.


I have no idea...

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