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Atheist Emblems

Do you have an atheist emblem like one of these stuck on your car? If so, what has been the reaction from others? Who would not be willing to display something like that on their car, and why not?

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By MrLink8
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I always want to ask them which god. I am particularly fond of zeus.

ydnil Level 4 Oct 10, 2018

I live in Bay County, Florida, where the local Sheriff decided to stick "In God We Trust" stickers on every squad car, and they give them away here, so you see everybody and their mother driving around town with those bumper stickers (and some idiots don't stick it to the window on their new car but to the actual paint - which borders on criminally insane). I would put ALL of these on my back glass - and possibly on each window (if I found out it irritated the mythically engaged for sure)...

Ahh... On the back glass. Great idea! If you never have to use an ice scraper on your windshield.


This should be a binary question. You are putting words into people's mouths otherwise. You can't totally categorize all the negatives and leave only one positive. You have made a fool's errand here. I have done the same thing myself before and I saw that there were many more reasons to the contrary than I put down. This should be a yes/no poll.


I’ve learned to be very careful about what you display ... how can I be demanding and insistent in public while wearing my Atheist Anniversary T-shirt? And though I drive decent, if anyone gets pissedoff in the least - they’d blame Atheism! Even political stuff, always makes me feel as though I’ve got to be a goodwill ambassador while wearing it.

But don’t let my hesitation stop you … because when I see such a sticker, for a political ‘good guy,’ or our cause here - I grinn, and say out loud - “I’ve got your back!” ...and if that vehicle got in trouble, I be there … ready to explain how it wasn’t their fault smile009.gif

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

I have many atheists shirts to wear.

I like this one


I have dawkins red A on the back of my work van complete with peace sign; and" I love science "on the front. I've often wondered if that's hurt my renovation business but I don't care

I like your style markdevenish! I like your style.

If it were a job for me - you’d have it!


We're here. We're Atheist. Get used to it!

MrLink Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

I had a Bernie magnet on my car before the election. I removed it after the election because I didn't want to invite trouble. And for that same reason the only sticker on my car says "meow". I'm proud to be liberal and atheist, but smart enough to avoid a fight that doesn't have to happen.


Next thing you know we'll have a secret handshake and catchphrases to identify us to one another. How about a beanie with a dinosaur on top?


I voted I don't need to wear it on my sleeve.

The reason I picked it isn't quite for that reason, it's just the closest to what I think.
I would wear a T-Shirt or a hat if it were a tasteful logo.
I'm not too sure about a bumper sticker though. I've heard horror stories about cars being damaged for sporting something like that.

Paul628 Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

I sincerely think that atheists are more confident in their beliefs than Christians and don't feel the need to wear or display a symbol or icon.

SamL Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

safety in numbers , don't be scared of the delusional


I don't have anything on my car. Except a lot of dirt lol

Plainjane Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

There should be an option that says "Yes, and I get the hairy eyeball from strangers" and one that says "Yes and I fear the cops may profile me for it"

candysez Level 3 Dec 30, 2017

I enjoy communicating with like-minded people, but I don't feel the need for group identity or allegiance.

resserts Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

I've thought about it, but it would probably welcome vandalizing assuming the vandals know what the symbol(s) mean. If it's a magnetic sticker those get stolen easily (my zombie family was ripped off). I think if anything I would get a license plate if I felt the need to display my non-beliefs.

itchic Level 4 Dec 30, 2017

Oh! Nice.


I don't put bumper stickers on my car period. My beliefs are not advertised, not even by strong political views.


My beliefs are my own. Unlike believers that are always trying to save someone or judge others, I am not trying to convince or influence anyone's belief or non belief. Everyone has the right to believe or not believe in whatever he or she chooses. I believe in personal choices. I do not need to wear my beliefs on my sleeve.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

I think, for me personally, it has been majorly empowering to assert myself and my needs as a non-believer when I see evidence of fellow skeptics/freethinkers. This is why I put atheist/pro-science stickers all over my laptop and a few on my car (which is admittedly a bit dangerous in the Bible Belt). I do it for my fellow minorities, not to convince anyone. Insofar as I do it as an affront to the opposition, it is only to stand my ground, not to shift theirs.

I'm with candysez

Put simply, visibility matters for social change.

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