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You are on a date...

You are on a date, you are very attracted to the other person... night is going great!...but then, he/she said something that ruined the magical moment. .. what he/she said????

vmedel 6 June 27

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He has to go home to send the babysitter home. I'm not looking for someone who has children still at home.


"I hope someday I can bring you back to God."

Malara Level 5 June 28, 2018


@goldenvalleyguy Good idea

How can you bring me back to me?


He said “ I think you should know, I leave my body at night and go down to hell to fight demons with Jesus”
He seemed completely normal up to that point. I thought he was joking. He was not joking...

Genevie Level 4 June 28, 2018

I don't vaccinate my kids.


I voted for Trump.


Trump is the best president ever


I'm saving myself for Jesus.

("Turns on her way out of the room....catches his gaze and says, "Careful with that 'spilling your seed on the ground' thing." Grins and leaves.)

Well then, me llamo Jesus!


"So judging by your arm hair I'm guessing you're Italian".


??I've been called a 'bear' more than once by gay men.


I voted for trump.



"My boyfriend doesn't like me to stay out late."


I'm a Conservative and voted for Brexit
I hate cats

I'm rather petty lol

I totally understand where you're coming from!

I'm with you on all 3 of those.


The told me what a bitch their ex was. Cannot stand men/women who talk like that about their ex.


On a first date, a guy moaned about how sad and depressed he is, and asked me to move in with him. Yikes!

He is on a date with you, how could he be sad and depressed? Had your running shoes on I hope.


He wanted me to get him off the couch, take him hiking and make him happy. What an offer.

"Only you can change your life," I replied. "I suggest you see a counselor."


@LiterateHiker Seems that a lot of men want the woman to take charge and tun their life. . never works because there is always resentment under the surface even if he says 'run my life'.


I forgot to add, "What a nice thing to say!" when you asked:

"He is on a date with you, how could he be sad and depressed?"

Thank you.


If she said I love Trump the date is over! Sorry, that is a deal breaker.

MarkMQ Level 2 June 28, 2018

"I'm not a racist, but..."

Hermit Level 7 June 28, 2018

"I play one on TV."


If she told me she had a penis. Yeah, that would do it.


I have a few...

  1. going great and then tells me that she is spirit bound to some dead guy abe they fight demons. I laughed, she didn't.
  2. going great and she admits to being willing to lie about being on birth control because she really wants to be a mom.
  3. going great and she informs me that she really likes drinking her partner's urine. She really wants someone that is turned on by this and won't accept less.

Are those hypothetical?

Hahaha, demon fighting! I might have kept her around for a bit, just for fun, she sounds absolutely insane.

@BlueWave by Zeus I hope those are hypotheticals, although I have heard a few women who admit to wanting to trap a man.

An acquaintance I got a bad vibe from and decided I'd NEVER date got pregnant on the 2nd date w a nice guy who has a great job. She's due next week.

@BlueWave not hypothetical... actual. Ain't life grand?

@educatedredneck While people find ways to be rough with each other independent of gender or sex, this is one thing that some women do to situate themselves with men in a long-term way outside of their consent. I've seen it happen to many men. It happened to my father (let me introduce you to how my mom roped him into not leaving an unsatisfying marriage with an adult child - my name is Matt). So, I'm particularly sensitive to this. Having grown up around someone that did that, I can usually recognise the signs. I love my mom, but that was insanely uncool.

I get the feeling that saying this could give me some strong push back. It is something we haven't talked about as a culture. Still, some women do this when they know the man in question is responsible and the response tends to be how it was his fault. Some women misjudge and the guy runs off - which is a scumbag thing to do. Still, if he got lied to - is hard not to feel a small degree of sympathy on some level.

When I heard that on the date, I did my impression of the road runner... meep meep and gone!

@HonkyBMcfunky I was in the Army and there's always women who want a stable income with phenomenal medical for them and their kids, others just like partying.

A bunch of us were in a restaurant in uniform, the insanely hot waitress went around the table and knew how much everyone made. She'd memorized the entire officer and warrant officer pay plus BAH, her excitement grew and she was very happy when talking with the Chief Warrant 4.

Of course a captain got her number, I'm sure they had fun together.

Some women also know ANY domestic violence conviction ends a career. New Soldiers are frequently briefed about a craigslist scam where a cutie offers sex, then claims she weas raped but won't report it for $$$. One of my Soldiers fell for this and it cost him $5k but not his career.

@educatedredneck Oh man, that's horrible!

@HonkyBMcfunky wow.....

@BlueWave right?!


my x boyfriend still needs to get all his shit out of my house


I'm offended by swearing. I love to swear, and for me, a woman swearing is a turn on. I couldn't date a non-swearer

lol... one of the first things i say is i cuss a lot

I freely admit that as well. If I meet a lady online, I've already asked if she swears before I meet her. But if we somehow met in public, and that's harder for me 'cause I'm pretty shy at first, then maybe I didn't get the opportunity to find out.
But again... I'm Italian and from New York! Swearing is my fucking birthright 😀


"I voted for Trump and don't regret it."

that actually happened to me for real......I was polite until the end of the date...I tried not to judge people for they political views......he didn't hear from me again tho!! LOL

@vmedel I try not to judge, either. Have some conservative friends I get along with very well. But, well... Trump.

@bleurowz I probably gave him a weird look tho, because he change the subject LOL.


I don't like to be asked to marry on a first date...seems kinda quick and desperate...


How about online from strangers. Will you...nevermind

@educatedredneck ha ha ha...yeah...that..


I won't date (insert race here) men.

I hear this so much in the South... Grumble grumble


Do you give spankings?


I'm on a date?


"I think 2nd Edition is by far the best rule set. "

...the audacity.


3.5 FTW!!


What's your safe word?

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