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Age range for dating

Its a thought provoking post. I am 44 and according to this website a 36 yr old guy age range is 26 to 41. So Is this dating site promoting, older man date younger girls? How do people feel about age difference. How much age difference is correct at certain age and gender. I have always dated guys my age. It bother me that older men marry younger women while if women is older every one is mean to her. I feel most of these websites promote religious ideologies. thanks
If you looking for love, this website gives you a heart and every one who is campatible to you, it gives them a matching score. I got this age range from the comaptiblity score. Not my idea or choice. I only made a profile here to find love. There are people who feel the need to attck me and teach me. Once again its a thought provoking questions, not my idea. I even sighted why I asked this question.

Arshi 5 June 30

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I feel that everyone has their preference. I tend to date younger, possibly due to a lack of maturity, possible because I have a shallow streak, not really certain, just that It is a trend.

dellik Level 6 June 30, 2018

When I was 25 I had dated a woman 8 years older than me. We seemed to have a better connection on a conversation and intelligence level. Since then I had several other relationships that had not been nearly that spread out. I could not without some serious consecration think of dating so much younger than me. What would you have in common? And so many another issue questions would you be asking yourself?

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

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You can set it in the accounts page.

Arshi Level 5 July 7, 2018

When Grover Cleveland was 27 his best friend Oscar Folsom became the father of a girl, Frances. Some years later Cleveland's sister reportedly asked the very eligible bachelor why he didn't marry, and he replied "I'm only waiting for my wife to grow up." When Frances was 11 her father was killed in an accident, and Cleveland became the executor of his estate. Frances went to Wells College, while Grover had a meteoric political career that in 3 years elected him Mayor of Buffalo, Governor of New York, and then President of the United States. After becoming President in 1885, Grover Cleveland asked Frances Folsom to visit him at the White House, and after she returned to college he wrote to her mother asking for permission to court Frances. Permission was granted, and Grover and Frances were married at the White House on June 2, 1886. By all accounts it was a happy marriage.



14 no kidding, that is looking for trouble. I would say you meant 18 to 99.

@Arshi my first date was 14 went to the pizza place


There aren't many women here who are older than I am, but my best friend here is a woman who is older; unfortunately, she has decided to forgo men, except as friends. I don't set an age for younger women, but I couldn't be happy with a silly teenager. There are many things about a person, besides age, which determine whether we are compatible.

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