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Age range for dating

Its a thought provoking post. I am 44 and according to this website a 36 yr old guy age range is 26 to 41. So Is this dating site promoting, older man date younger girls? How do people feel about age difference. How much age difference is correct at certain age and gender. I have always dated guys my age. It bother me that older men marry younger women while if women is older every one is mean to her. I feel most of these websites promote religious ideologies. thanks
If you looking for love, this website gives you a heart and every one who is campatible to you, it gives them a matching score. I got this age range from the comaptiblity score. Not my idea or choice. I only made a profile here to find love. There are people who feel the need to attck me and teach me. Once again its a thought provoking questions, not my idea. I even sighted why I asked this question.

Arshi 5 June 30

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At this point, 18 to 80, blind, crippled, or crazy! ☺



Oh come on. These ideas of yours are a little bit dated. Anyone can marry up or down in age as long as they are consenting adults. You just need to have some things in common. My last husband was 15 years my junior in age but much older in his head, and there was never a problem with anyone giving me a hard time.

not my idea, but that is what this site is promoting. You need to read again rather than twisting my words. It gives you the score, if you click on the heart. then it explain how they came up with the score.

This comment just made my day...


I say that age is a relative term we use to bullshit around and make laws for. Our ancestors didn't care, nobody else should either. Be nice to cougars too. They need love as well.


I am of the opinion that age is irrelevent


My son is 36; last year he married a woman of 55. She’s wonderful, and I love her like a daughter. She calls me ‘mom’.
I’m 57. I don’t date men/women under age 50, it just never seems to work. Around 8-10 years either side makes sense for me. I might one day meet someone totally ‘out of range’ and fall madly in love: that’s fine, too. My ‘list’ of what I’m looking for are just loose guidelines. It’s the person that’s important.


Does age matter?


I have the golden rule of not dating a person who could’ve had kids my age, but I like to have topics in common and that’s typically within a tighter age bracket -5 years to +12 years for my age depending on the person.


Actually I think I know where @Arshi is coming from. I just had a look at the heart compatibility score and how it is made up and the bloody thing is sexist. The " normal age range" for men is 10 years younger to 5 years older; for women 5 years younger to 10 years older.

Now considering women live on average 4 years longer than men, why is this still considered the "norm"?

Kimba Level 7 June 30, 2018

No one made a rule. A lot of women like older men. It's not like we force them. If you want to figure out why, you need to discuss this with your team. One of my closest female friends dates only younger men. In the end two people connect or they don't. ☺

thank you, for checking it out. I was hoping others will do the same you are awesome.

@Sticks48 not sure what team? you are referring too. I did send that question to this site? if I get a response I will post it here. Have you ever checked out sugar daddy sites. The younger generation women are more picky and demanding. They are not, and even I am not attracted to an older person. We like eye candy too. But I guess some women are more compromising that others. Guys have to spend a lot of money to get a date with the a younger good looking women.

@Arshi I guess l don't really understand why anyone cares about it anyway. I could care less who dates who for whatever reason. It doesn't affect my life in any way what so ever. As long as they are happy, that is all that matters. ☺


Date within your comfort zone. Age is just relative, so long as you're a consenting adult, you want to look more at matching maturity levels and general interests.


If you get hung up on age, so will those who date you. There is no formula that really works...I have been with much older men and much younger men...we never really had any issues with the age gap once the children/no children thing was off the table. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many people just want someone who is on the same page as they are in other areas of their lives. No science, no chart, no quiz can score the human heart and mind when it comes to relationships...but you can squeeze yourself into those results if you really want to...but it sounds like you don't. Be yourself and enjoy the process.

I am not hung up on age, please read again my Original post before attacking. thanks

@Arshi I apologize if you think I was attacking...I was merely trying to support your questioning in a positive way...and in general for the forum, not just you in the singular...the age difference is not going to be an issue for you...

@thinktwice yes please look up the heart percentage this site is designed. My question originate from there. thank you


There are several discussions on here about this.
For me - all of humanity, that are legal, with mutual appeal, and reasonable compatibility have potential ...

The age of consent in the UK is 16. It would IMHO be far too creepy for someone my age to even think of that for either genders. Personally draw the line around 30ish and thats pushing it

@273kelvin one person's "creepy" is another one's yummy ...


I am 80 and I am available for anyone over 18 for friends. Internet friends, activity friends, friends with limited benefits. Your call.


I was 22 and dated a 40 year old woman. I am currently 30 and dating a 24 year old woman. Age is just a number to me. Personality and chemistry matter much more to me.


What is this dating of which you speak?

Hermit Level 7 June 30, 2018

My kids are 26 to 33, I am 60. A few years ago they "strongly suggested" that I date someone at least closer to my age than to the age of my oldest. So, doing the math, someone not more than 13 years younger than I am. I'm comfortable with that. On the high side, depends on how well they have aged.

yes I hear that a lot from people who are in there late 60 and 70's. 🙂) I can see my sibling doing that to my parents. The kids are always the boss, and I think it is so cute.

@Arshi My situation is more to keep peace with the kids. Post divorce was kinda rough. If their suggestion was outrageous I'd have shut them down, but I thought it was reasonable and pretty much in line with my thinking. They're going to be my caretakers as I get older, no sense in pissing them off now.


Chronological age, emotional age, and physical ages are all person-specific.

Since my mid-30s, i have rarely cared about the first. And as i grew older chronologically, while still maintaining a physical lifestyle as i had in my 20s, biking and hiking as much as i could with my busy professional realities, i tended to attract women who were significantly younger than I was. But that was as much their choice as mine.

Now, as i move into my 70s, emotional intelligence is still a critical criterion if I am attracted to a woman. If a person i am attracted to can't do the physical stuff i enjoy, so be it. I can still bike and hike to my hearts content, and enjoy the solitude of doing both alone.


Choose who you want. Ignore the rest. If you want to date older guys, younger guys or guys your age, it’s up to you and them. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.


I don't want to date anyone more than 8 years older and no more than 4 years younger than myself. It's my preference. I'm not going to tell you to widen your preferences or anyone else. You like who you like.


my daughter married a guy just 5 years younger then me, Ive never seen her as happy since she has been grown. As long as they are happy I don't care. People age at different rates anyway, the older you get the less it will mattrer. No one thinks anything of an 85 year old dating a 72 year old, time is relative.


I will be 70 in 2 weeks, date a 73 yr old, flirt heavily with a 52 year holding back, not him......

go for it, don't hold back. 🙂)

@Arshi he is still on the rebound, i have learned to be wary of such complications


There is a group for older women and younger men.


If you search for groups and type 'older women'


I have always felt it best to be with men roughly my own age. However, I have reached the age where most men my age who are still attractive and reasonably fit and healthy can easily get someone ten years younger or more. I feel like a very young person inside but my driver's license (photo and birthdate!) say otherwise. So, I'll probably stay single for now. It's all good. I don't judge what others do or prefer. But I don't think I'd be comfortable either being an old cougar just for sex or dating a much older man because that's who would mostly be interested in me. It's a bad age for women, I think. If I'd gotten divorced in my early 40's I'd have been much more open to more possibilities in dating and I'd have had more options, too.

nope, older guys spend money on younger women to entice them to go out with them. Times have changed, women are not as simple as they use to be. We have lot more opportunities. I am not sure if you have seen advertisement for seeking arrangement, Ashley maddison etc. Its actually promoted in college. I know guys whom College girls demand a lot, they are quite expensive, demanding, and women have lot of options. FB have sugar daddy website. younger men try but women are a bit smatter and they don't take a bite. They go out with them may be split the bill but men buy young girls cars, houses etc. So younger women are not going out with them because they are reasonable fit. Have you not heard of the I tunes card scam. As these girls just use them as there personal bank account. I have a friend who kept giving money to a girl who would not even go out with him.


I think there's a general tendency for people of very different ages to have less in common. People that have less in common generally are less attracted to each other. There's so much more to factor in though, sometimes age just doesn't make a difference.

More than age - it's been my experience that general lifestyle and experience in various parts of life count more. People that have an active level of curiosity, that they act on regularly - no matter what their age, tend to interest me. Along with people that have a passion or passions, that fire them up ! I mingle with, and have dated a wide range of ages. The only limit is in our heads.


I tend to date around my age, probably 8 to 10 years either side. But I don't use that as a limiting factor, if we "click" great I don't worry about age.

CS60 Level 7 June 30, 2018

It's a difficult one, I find lots of younger people highly attractive but I couldn't date them for fear of the public stigma attached. It's something that would always be the back of the mind and would be like a cancer to any potential relationship.
For me I try to stick to around 8 to 10 years either way of my age.
Then.again I have been single the last 3 years so maybe I am wrong

R1ch1e Level 3 June 30, 2018
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