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Lonely Cures?

What are some cures for loneliness? It seems so difficult to cope and plan anything.

Mom-goddess 6 June 30

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Get a cat. No, TWO cats.


Get a dog then you won't be lonely ever again lol.

I had a dog that died last August. We never had a way to take him in order to leave on a trip or vacation. I love dogs, just not ready for that right now again.


Being alone is good, fun great.
Being lonely sucks.
I guess I have a few people in my world but other than those I consider my kids I don't have any more than the most basic interaction.
Yay, I have holidays in 6 weeks, first time in years.
Lots of places I could go,
nowhere I want to go alone.
Coping is helped by being busy, particularly on something positive,
something that improves your situation,
in my case gardening as I only grow food,
saves me money later.
At least then I am less depressed and getting ahead a little.

Agreed. When working I'm busy and it is better. I know I like to travel too, but not alone.


Biking and reading.


Volunteer work. Video games. Contact with family. Trying something new. I got my first tattoo ever last week.

Deb57 Level 8 June 30, 2018

When I'm lonely I read.


For me , easy ones when I don't want to be around people : guitar and sing to my cats, get into a good book - with cat on lap, go for a hike in the woods, kayak, go online.

A bit more of an effort : go see a non-sad movie, yard work, go to the gym, go for a random drive, wander around Goodwill and try on ugly clothes that make me laugh (or groan ...)

Involving others : or visit an upbeat friend, go see a live or concert, take myself out for a meal, wander a public park and chat up strangers, do something for someone else.


First of all, learn how to be your own favorite company. You are the best friend you'll ever have.

Also, find something social to do outside of work. For me, its karaoke every Saturday night.

I'm trying


I use a website called where you can search for groups near your area for hobbies such as photography or hiking. Pretty much anything. This way you can meet up with people with specific interests.


In my case, I love being single and doing things alone. My problem is allowing someone into my life to clog up my fun.

But if you prefer being with people, you can google local community groups near you, perhaps ones that do things you already enjoy doing-book club, bird watching, sewing, musical instruments, hiking, ballroom dancing, traveling to local museums, etc.

Also, depending on your health, volunteering helping to clean up parks, clear national park trails, serving food at soup kitchens, visiting nursing homes, etc.

Yes I tried some meetups. I have read as much almost as I want to for summer reading. I like being around people and some of the meetups just didn't work out/.


I hear you and am sorry for your pain. I found this blogpost helpful. Your past comments mention that a lot of losses, and perhaps a grief support group cloudless be useful. []

UUNJ Level 8 June 30, 2018

I think you are right about grief support. I am seeing a counselor now.

@Mom-goddess Good for you. I have found therapy helpful at tough times in my life.


First, learn how to be alone relying on someone else to amuse you will not get you very far. Could always read some fiction that can be entering.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018
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