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Am I the only one who is super excited about the holidays being over?!

I always like the idea of the holiday season, but then it usually sucks. Especially since my mother died and my marriage went to shit. Do you love or hate the holiday season (and why)?

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lacrossa1013 5 Jan 1

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I always use it as a chance to catch up on my sleep and unwind. I don't do fancy dinners or go out of my way to"get together". I get together, me and myself and it's wonderful. I spend all day in my sleepwear, watch movies on my watch list, and read all the stuff I want and not the one I have to. In fact, the fewer human interaction, the better.I am now ready to go backπŸ˜‰

It seems to me that you have sensible way of dealing with it..πŸ™‚

@ASTRALMAX introvert life lol. Also I grew up in constant neuroticism of my family on holidays wanting everything to be perfect in their crazy heads. Well, my way is perfect for me haha


On the 26th, I sighed in relief that YAY, it's done! Then this morning another sigh of relief, followed by an instant thought about the probable thousands of dollars spent on fireworks in just my small neighborhood, and wondering, if only I had that money to spare...and what is the deal with that anyway? Barrage of fireworks to celebrate a new year. Barrage of fireworks to celebrate independence day. So that subject entertained me while I made my way to work this morning....

But yes. I am wholly relieved by the end of holidays. Mostly because it's over-commercialized, it celebrates lies, and it has a tendency to be cold outside, even in Florida. Also, fireworks. I despise them. πŸ˜‰


I feel a certain relief that the stores will return to relative normal. Driving will be a bit easier. We no longer have to listen to the same songs over and over. And the "Jesus is the reason for the season" signs all over the neighborhood, will finally come down.

Though I actually will miss some of the well decorated homes nearby - but it's ok !

So yeah, both relieved and trepidatious about what the orange one might do next ...


Now that the xmas holidays are over many people are gloomily looking forward to plastic surgery. It's when all their credit cards get cut to pieces.....LOL


I like the slower pace and the time off work, but the holidays hold no special interest for me otherwise. I'm much more interested in Halloween each year than I am in the Thanksgiving through New Year's holidays.


I don't celebrate my blessings, my family just once a year...i celebrate them all year round. I don't get gifts for my loved ones on a schedule, i do so when they have a need I believe can fulfill our I see something I want to gift them.

This while it's nice to have time off for the holidays, they don't have much deeper meaning to me and on the contrary, i get exhausted from being forced to do what I normally do anyways, but on a hyper schedule!


I deal with it. I do enjoy the time off and being with my kids, but the stress of shopping and the shortening of the days kind of make it a half hearted holiday for me. Plus I don't do cold weather. And it's a brisk day today! Hope your holidays went well. Watching my kids get excited is the best part.


I'm pretty much in the same boat. My mother passed this March and, December a year ago, I separated from my wife. I still find joy with the rest of my family and all my friends. This year the holidays have been bittersweet. Had a great time with all my family and friends but they were definitely nothing like years past.


I was married on christmas day 1980. divorced summer 2000. We still communicate on xmas day. it was Not a Bad Marriage and we got 3 wonderful kids... she was a good wife. In Puerto Rico continues for 8 days after 3 kings day Jan 6 plus 8 more days... but it is just excuse for drinking. This xmas was sad because sister lost her husband on Nov 18. So she is not handling it well... My first born BD is Jan 5... so I am not over doing gifting. xmas don't bother me one way or another. .. but I still got Coquito to drink and a task of cheering my kid sister... I Keep Rolling up toward better, happier times.


It’s become the Christian Heat Season and a commercial nightmare. Seemingly total disrespect if even awareness of The Winter Solstice - forever the β€˜reason for this season’ … straight on to an arbitrary day of no celestial significance - β€˜Today’

My brother began calling Christ-mess β€˜The Big Letdown,’ as in, how can any one day live up to such extravagant expectations..? Overflowing curbside bins of non-recyclable β€˜wrapping paper,’ the corpses of tencel strewn trees like tumbleweeds.. Family arguments, alcohol abuse, gluttony, violence.. Tis the season..?

Yes - thrilled it’s over! Increasing daylight.. shopping sanity … the little things may again be appreciated.. Planning summer gardens, pruning fruit trees, winter hikes, birds … all with the promise of Spring πŸ™‚

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

I was ready for the holidays to be over immediately after Thanksgiving. Granted, I had a great time, but I'd have been just as happy if we'd gone straight from the end of November to mid-February. They're over now, and that's a good thing.


I love the holidays regardless of being single and living alone now. All of my children are grown and have successful lives and I thrive on that!


Im always happy for it to end Im just ready for the cold weather to end in gen. already lol


I'm always glad to see it end.
I kind of like the 1 day holidays like memorial day etc. Better.


Since my divorce, the holidays are significantly less hectic, which is nice.

Informing extended family of my divorce was less nice.

All in all, like catching up wuth my cousins, but like ALL of them have kids except me, so I just feel like I'm trying to have a cinversation in tge middle of a daycare :-/


I find Christmas a hyped up time when people are stressed and miserable and spend ridiculous amounts of money, get in debt and for what. I think I might join my son next year in the North of Thailand. no commercialism, happy family meals. natural surroundings and no TV bliss..


My family's consumerism killed Christmas when i was little kid. I always felt like i was outside looking in.


sorry for your loss and misfortune but it'll get better soon


I can't wait to get back to work and get back to normal. Also, over the holiday period I compile a list of goals to achieve (to some degree) over the new year. Can't wait to get stuck in. Anyway, I'm back home tomorrow.


3 days off in a week. as well as weekends ! Who DOESN'T like christmas ?


Looking forward to shopping with empty malls and big


Fairey tales are for children.


I tend to just take the good in the holidays (music, food, parties, etc) and ignore the rest.


My "holidays" aren't truly over. Two more family birthdays to get through, mine being one of them. Since I don't go overboard for the holidays I neither love nor hate, I just get through. Another day, another dollah.


We've gone from one to another. Now it's Mardi Graw. It's big over here. Then there's Controband days in Lake Charles. It don't stop.

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