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Marijuana for recreational or medicinal? Dont be shy?

Well... California just passed legalizing marijuana. I love it. Would you say you would grow it for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes?

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 3

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I support full legalization. It's time to stop jailing people for smoking flowers.


The prohibition of cannabis was motivated not by science but religious fundamentalism and racism. (If you doubt that last bit, you can't make this stuff up: []

At this point there is no reasonable justification for criminalization of small amounts of cannabis. It's not lethal like cocaine, alcohol, meth or heroin. It's good for the economy. More importantly the surplus generated from taxing legitimate use of the substance can be used for education and rehabilitation if someone has a substance abuse problem.

Don't forget corporate influence. That was also a factor.

@KKGator yeah. The alcohol, tobacco, and prescription pharmaceuticals lobbies likely don't want the additional competition.

@macrobius The two biggest lobbies against legalization are Law Enforcement and Big Pharma. They both stand to lose BILLIONS if marijuana is decriminalized nationally. What I meant in my initial reply was the influence of several industrialists when marijuana was first made illegal. The timber barons fought against hemp being legal, as well.

@KKGator The law enforcement argument falls apart under scrutiny. Good cops want to do real work for the public. Those who stand to benefit the most from preventing legalization probably don't have the best of intentions. At any rate, this is old news but worth rehashing: []

@KKGator hemp that is used for pulp/ropemaking etc is a different plant than the one with medicinal or psychoactive properties

@btroje I'm aware of the difference between hemp and marijuana. I was referring specifically to industrial hemp being lumped in with marijuana when both were being criminalized. The timber barons wanted the competition from industrial hemp eliminated.

@macrobius I read that article when it was first published. I still disagree. The Law Enforcement lobby, especially now with Sessions as AG, is quite active in its efforts to keep legalization from spreading to more states.

read " chasing the scream" and have a good cry. F---ing law enforcement junkies

@KKGator ok we are on the same page

@KKGator Big pharma, with their big power and money and gov't support. The biggest problem.

@CATHYF48 Which is why i mentioned them in my initial comment. They stand to lose BILLIONS. To which I say, GOOD!


There will never be a one size fits all answer to this. Even if it's fully legal, both medicinal and recreational, it's still up to the individual. Everything in life is risk vs reward. If the risks of using something that you feel doesn't have enough research outweighs the reward of feeling some kind of medicinal relief-that's your choice. Same of the reverse. Not everyone reacts to things the same or has the same assessment of their reactions. I make the choice to take Xanax as needed, even though it has some side effects I don't like, and even though there's a high chance of addiction. If I decide that weed is a better option for me for whatever reason, there are still things about it I don't like, but I'm deciding which risks and rewards I'm the most comfortable with. My stance is to legalize it across the board, when I weigh the overall societal risk vs reward.

Keep an eye on the research!

If you're adverse to smoking there are thc candies! I've yet to try any but I know the dosages a few friends use for various physical and psychiatric ailments. They all agree to some success and most have sworn off any pharmaceuticals.


My body.

My choice.

The way it SHOULD be!


Both. In New Hampshire I'm in the process of applying for their Cannabis Program. I also smoke recreationally as I have on and off since my teens.



Both should be legalised. There's no moral reason to prevent people from having access to a drug that can help them live with debilitating diseases, and no logical reason to allow criminals to make huge amounts of money from one people clearly want.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

While limit to one or the other?I think cannabis performs well for both rec and medicinal. Depends on the individual and the circumstances.


Legalise and control it around the world. Regulate it in the same way that different countries regulate alcohol and I would go so far as to say legalise and regulate all recreational drugs.

The further drugs get pushed underground, the more damage they do. Opiates from natural sources would open up a legitimate way for taliban to rely on the west with mutual trade dependency - in the same way that Japan trades with the west now.

Every society has it's mind altering drugs of choice and has had since before records began. Prohibition doesn't work. It's a bit like the religious "Just say no" approach to contraception and safer sex.

In the UK, the government has been waging a war on what were known as legal highs, gradually banning substances by adding them into the Misuse of drugs Act. This resulted in increased deaths as more and more dangerous substances were sold to stay one step ahead of the law. The law has now been changed to include "any psychoactive substance..." Sledgehammer and nut spring to mind. Isn't caffeine psychoactive in higher concentrations?

And in case you are wondering, no I don't use recreational drugs with the exception of the occasional beer or glass of wine with a meal.

Yup, caffeine can be pretty bad, and is definitely addictive. Nicotine is actually not that bad in and of itself and has some useful properties, but cigarettes are horrendously addicting (purposefully made that way by scientists that the companies hired because they started losing lots of business when people realized smoking was actually not healthy at all, if you didn't know) and they're legal. Alcohol is extremely addictive too, and can ruin just about everything in your body, if you have the propensity towards addiction, or specifically alcoholism. Energy drinks are awful for you as well xD


Full legalization! I find it incredibly ridiculous that they are secretly trying to make cbd a schedule 1 substance now. There is way too much evidence proving it’s medically necessary..

I hear you.

I'm very satisfied with my state and liberal MJ and CBD laws. 🙂


I don't eat or smoke it myself. I would grow it for the uses for others to consume. There are other variants of the cannabis plant which are useful for other purposes too.

I think that drugs should be legalised but controlled so that the quality of the drugs is high and the violence and misery of the drug industry is removed/reduced.


Well Bob i was in a car accident aug 3, 2005. Massive brain injury, ear cut 80% off, fractured L2 vertibre, colma for 28 days with a valve in my head to relieve pres! I don't remember shit till already home. And can't remember wheel chair, learning to walk again, i was fucked up!! I can't wait for it to go medical in nebraska, cuz will get better deal than going through2-3 hands to get here from col. under the radar. I need it medically as my brain isn't wired right anymore! Ya medical!!

Man....i am so sorry about all that. I wish you so much luck.

maybe it made me stronger? But i do know i look and react to the common world way differently now.


Not sure. Medicinal definitely. Recreational ? I've known too many potheads that smoked to excess. The happy stupor would be a potential disaster while driving, or operating machinery.

And then there's the same health risks , or worse, as smoking. Like we need more ?

Not cut and dry with me.

Since I wrote this - just this morning the stats from L.A. came in, and the number of impaired drivers has doubled.

High drivers aren't as bad as drunk though - nowhere near, atleast until they're gotten system high lol. Can't remember terms and whatnot of what exactly I read, it was a while ago and would have no idea how to find it as I'm not in the habit of bookmarking or saving things. I should really do that...and I'm not really excusing it, just putting it out there.


@Neraven Perhaps - though it won't matter if one crashes into you - will it ? I've known some pretty spaced out smokers. They were only good for lying around and eating. ha

@evergreen True enough. I know someone whos done it for about 30 years and another whos done it for atleast...ten years, prolly more around 15. You can barely tell the difference between when they do and dont, and theyre very competent drivers.
Oh and fun fact, people get slightly better at driving around .02 percent bac. Which is why ive noticed when im a little tipsy i can be a LOT better at video games and jigsaw puzzles lol.


Both. Sativa for creativity, partying and "pondering"; indica for aches and pains of several varieties.

And LEGALLY people!!! LEG-AL-LY!!!

Just one small bonus for moving out of the "dietied" south!


Did so much prior joining the military. Did once with a daughter after retiring of military. Don't miss it. Not appealing right now. Don't really do medicines... Pretty strange. Those who do for recreation... Enjoy... Those who need for Medical Purposes... Get it and get Cured. Totally Neutral. But support the use by others.


Indeed, for both or either!


Both .It should be legal . It is no worse than alcohol,or cigarettes, plus it will produce tax revenue and save money on the policing,and prosecution

A lot better than alcohol and cigarettes I'd venture to say lol. There's all the bad things that come with just smoking, but there are far less carcinogens and fake chemicals and preservatives and all that like what's put into cigarettes. And I feel like I don't have to even explain how it's better than alcohol xD

Having grown a lot of my own over the years, I am against taxation. If I can grow my own veggies, why can't I grow my own pot?


Marijuana/cannabis is the most important plant in the world. The US military complex and Justice created it illegal in every country in the world except one, Uruguay. The war on drugs has lost to a score of 1000s the to 1. The cost to ruining lives is greater than the Holocaust.


In Arizona it lost in the last election but hopefully next time. I'll get my six plants the first week.

gearl Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

Great news, my kind of party, grow them 25 feet tall.


Just because it is not well known, I think it is important to point out that synthetic THC has been legally regulated as a Schedule 2 narcotic since 1985 and was downgraded to a Schedule 3 controlled substance since 1999. Anyone who wants to engage in the medicinal legalization issue from an informed position should research and understand that and its limitations. Google "Marinol"



Both, absolutely.


Legalize it across the board. I would use it both medicinally and for recreation.
I'd love to grow my own legally. I'd do it in a heartbeat.


It should be legal . I once grew it for a couple of years


Im all for medical marijuana, actually I don't mind it being legal for recreational as well. Its not my thing, but I believe some people are better off smoking that than they are drinking alcohol.
I have seen a few people ADHD, who completely calm down after smoking, though give them alcohol and its a horror.
I have also met a few people, with missing limbs, who get the phantom limb pain and they say the only thing that helps is if they smoke.
They are trying to get it legalized here, I hope they do. As I said not for me, but it works for many.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

My health insurance had run out so I got an MM card. I was amazed as to how many of my ailments it helped, sometimes more than the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed.

But it should be legal regardless. And hemp industries should be encouraged. Corporate interests have a long, sordid history of kneecapping such ventures.


I am 100% in favor for recreational and medical use, as a man of 70+ years, it has been a mystery to me why this hasn't happened decades ago. I am 100% in favor of marijuana being used for all purposes.

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