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Would you rather?

Would You rather play competitive games with your date or have long walks on the beach with your date?

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McWalsoft 6 July 7

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I'd settle for just having a date


Damn I'm the only one who voted for competitive games?!?? I love games: board games, card games, trivia games, sports, ping pong, darts, etc. How can I be the only one voting for friendly competition.

I love games, but I'm not really a fan of competitive games - usually one player has a massive advantage over the other so there's not much point. Cooperative games are a lot more fun for me because we can work as a team towards a common goal (which is really what a relationship should be more about anyway πŸ˜‰ )

You are not the only one. I also do. And, I see it as an avenue -- not the only avenue -- to getting a feel for somebody's personality. We can always walk on the beach, but if a date doesn't like the kind of games you mentioned, I won't be too excited about our long term cohesiveness.


Sometimes...a great date is a game of putt-putt and/or some go-Kart's a great way to get to know someone and if they behave badly or with honor when they win/lose.



Kanda Level 5 July 8, 2018

I don't like sand, but I enjoy darts, pool, and bowling. Plus, I think we can reveal a lot more about ourselves when focused on something else.

I agree.


Actually neither. I like to sit somewhere and talk and get to know a person. Beach/ romantic don't necessarily belong together


I'm a big sports and games type of guy (prefer cooperation over competition). How about playing some beach volleyball or paddleball or throwing a Frisbee or a Nerf football around on the beach, followed by a nice beach cookout?


Voted for the walk..because the beach is so nice this afternoon ...but later we are going back up to the house because I'm cooking Ravioli from scratch..I think she will love it...we will finish our wine on the veranda overlooking the last of the stragglers leaving the beach..
Then play some Trivial pursuit with a little more wine for giggles..then who knows.

Good luck! Sounds like a real possibility....


Long walk on a short peir would be preferable.


Who wants to be competitive when you can spend that time being romantic.
Who needs a beach? Just spending time with someone you enjoy being with can be romantic. πŸ˜€


Maybe it's different for other people, but in my experience, competition in a relationship usually doesn't end well. There are lots of good ways for a walk on the beach to end. πŸ€“


Can we just sit on the beach and talk?


Not beach person but love strolling and talking dates.


I don’t think competition is the best way to get to know someone. I think doing something together, accomplishing a goal, like an escape room.


I'd rather have a nice long conversation.


I should think it would be the death knell of any relationship to play competitive games whilst dating. In my very long life experience, unless the woman deliberately allowed the guy to win every time it would hit the skids pretty soon. My husband couldn’t even play board games with the kids without wanting to win!

Were you married to my former husband????

@LucyLoohoo No, but they all seem to be hard wired the same way!


I picked long walks but if she's competitive it just makes her more attractive

lerlo Level 8 July 8, 2018

Either would be acceptable.

I agree. And, I wouldn't want either ruled out. One one weekend, the other the next.


Beach, no contest. BUT, @thinktwice, I play WWF too. =]

So which is it? Walking on the beach at my condo or WWF? lol

@thinktwice How about both? =]

@IAMGROOT Fair rules are pretty could be stuck as a bottom for a very long time....πŸ˜‰...I am very I like top...πŸ˜‰

@thinktwice Be right over.


Slow walk to the beach and long sitting sessions by the surf.


Being competitive will probably bring you both together more so than a walk on the beach. Exciting physical activity or challenges makes people feel happier and their endorphins rise and it's like a positive reinforcement with being with that person. There is more to it, and the competition part might throw a monkey wrench into it, but I would think that would bring people closer together. Unless you're both psychos, I think a little light competition can be playful.


I say neither. Long walks on remote, wooded trails work for me !


Walking in sand is a pain in the ass. Let's play a game.

Get in shape that way your ass don't pain that much.


The walk, anywhere.


You don't know someone until you've seen them lose at Monopoly.

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