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What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?

AmiSue 8 July 10

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I really don't have rules I'm more of a guideline kind of guy


Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant.

Never play pool or cards for money against a person whose first name is a city or a state.

Hermit Level 7 July 10, 2018

I never answer questions like this...oh, wait. Damn!! Ha ha.


eat dessert first whenever possible, never leave home without a hat or pocketknife, always check the date on the bread and milk, stop and take my hat off for funeral processions,


Rules for me:
-Live as radically honest as possible
-Never run out of gas
-Verbalize my love and affection for those I love and miss
-Stay out of toxic relationships (friends, family)
-Learn, read, stay aware of what's going on in the world
-No naked photos
-Zero tolerance for bigoted words and phrases
-Never call in to work pretend "sick" or some other lie; or flake on a friend/date/etc.

Nice list, although #6 is a little disappointing. ?

@Sticks48 LOL! People die - phones and pictures don't. People break up - how to get those damned photos off their phone? Phones get lost or stolen. And, on top of all that, y'know...I just can't imagine not being self-conscious or insecure about such a photo.

@BlueWave l totally understand. Dissapointig none the less. ?

@BlueWave "I just can't imagine not being self-conscious or insecure about such a photo." Well, you know there is only one way to find out if you would be self-conscious.... BTW, just kidding. Your comment is a perfect opportunity for an ironic statement.


Don't hit women.
Don't hit children
Don't hit the dog.... he can probably take you.
Only try to hit the cats if they deserve it, but you'll miss.
Lots of "hitting" rules, eh?


Don't become a hoarder like grandma! Speak out when hearing/seeing racism/hatred. Spend my money on me while i can enjoy it. Enjoy my dogs more. Sing karaoke every chance i get!


Cruelty. I can't be cruel. I don't like lying either.


Rule #1. No photographic evidence.
Rule #2. No children, no pets.
Rule #3. Whenever possible choose the positive response to a bad situation.
Rule #4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
Rule #5. Never use sex as a bargaining chip.
Rule #6. Try anything once, you never know what could be your next obsession.


Never play a polka after midnight and be there to pick up the pieces when the people around me fall apart.


Rigorously analyze student work


Never, ever strike a woman. Had a gf who liked to be smacked on the butt during sex, had to end it as I can't do that. Literally, I find it impossible to do it even during sex, my arm locked up.
Never hit an animal.
Treat people with as much dignity they deserve.
Be patient.
And some others...


Treat all people with respect and never ever add ice to single malt whisky.

Strabo Level 6 July 10, 2018
  • Don't get caught.
  • Never kill an Innocent.
  • Targets must be killers who have evaded the justice system.
  • Victims must be killers who the police have been unable to catch or convict.
  • Killing must serve a purpose, otherwise, it's just plain murder.
  • Blend in socially. Maintain appearances.
  • Fake emotions and normality.
  • Control urges to kill and channel them.
  • Be prepared. Leave no traces or evidence.
  • Never make a scene. Stay calm and collected.
  • Don't make things personal because it clouds judgment.

Harry Morgan


#1 Don't be a jerk to others and yourself.
#2 We all have a struggle. Respect each other's struggle equally and with empathy.
#3 No Christmas music before Thanksgiving and after New Years Day.
#4 Love and respect all, trust few, and keep small your circle
#5 When a person shows you who they are, believe them. - Maya Angelu
#6 Don't work for free or for exposure. If they can't pay you, they don't respect you.
#7 Give intimacy with your partner your all. So that way, if the relationship ends, you have no regrets.
#8 Don't lower your standars bar so people can meet it. They either meet it or they don't.
#9 Namaste Bitches- will save the world.

Love them all except for the don't work for free comment. Does that mean don't volunteer?

@valerie55 -Volunteering is different in the sense of you choose to give your time to a cause you personally believe in.

Versus like working at a job for extra time for free, or other commission based work you would normally charge for.


I don't date/sleep with co-workers. It's hard enough to establish a harmonious business environment without further complicating it with the messiness of romantic/sexual relationships.

I agree!!


Don't lie
Don't cheat
Don't listen to anything by Taylor Swift


Not associating with Christians.

@AmiSue I try really hard to avoid them


Dont kill .....yet!!

Simon1 Level 7 July 11, 2018

Never pee in the shower.
God alone knows where that will end.

Gareth Level 7 July 11, 2018

Just to be nice to everyone or to just walk away from those who can't be nice.


No meat. No simple carbs through the week. No soda. Exercise 3 times a week minimum. Create order in one place everyday where there wasn't any before. Take one moment of annoyance everyday and reverse it - be sure to show compassion at least once a day where it otherwise wouldn't be deserved. Blow your nose everytime you shower. Work towards growing a sense of community around once each day. Clean undies every day...


They are personal and private.


No piercings.


Rules are merely guidelines. Occasionly i break the rules i set for myself. Sometimes i am proud of that, other times not so much. ?


Cereal goes into the bowl THEN milk.

And not putting my dick into something that will ruin a good friendship.

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