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Is modern dating any different from the definition of polyamory?

BuzzAnsley 3 Jan 4

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Sure it is. Dating is just casual, polyamory, from my understanding involves love and intimacy.


Thank you all! I'm fairly confused now, thank you, lol. Married 32 years and faithful, she never was. Perfect chameleon, sociopathic narcissist. What a ride!


I would say that both the poly and monos may date. It would not make poly at all synonymous with dating. One may date and be not at all serious or deathly so.
Also not all poly persons are dating at all. Most find a limit, practical or emotional.


I’m polyamorous so for me they’re the same. Poly people make up such a small percentage of the population though.


What is your definition of modern dating?

Beats me, just stumbling through, lol


I'm different than most but "dating" and "polyamory" are nearly synonymous for me. I usually only date the models and Treasures (my act leads) I work with. Usually the relationships are platonic but each is a "love of my life" co-creating our art we form bonds most "mortals" can't begin to comprehend.


I just remember dating on Ok Cupid and a married guy would ask if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said well I want to meet your wife...somehow it never


Very much so. The word polyamory , literally means "multiple loves". True polyamory is having a mutually loving relationship with more than one person at a time. Three, or four usually.

I don't see having a date with someone, as having a relationship. Especially as dates often are a one time deal, and many short connections crash and burn before they get to any point of real affection.

In fact dating as we once knew it, sadly. seems to be going by the wayside. People connect to "hang out" or "hook-up" - often without much of an attachment at all - if any. They don't really have any structure to the meet .
Good old fashioned dating was : "Hi - want to go to a movie ? It's playing at such & such, at this time. Shall I pick you up, or meet you there ? Oh - it still happens - but less and less.

Using online sites helps one to meet people, and there might be a series of "getting to know you" dates with different people, to try them out - so to speak . But that is not polyamory.


That really all depends upon the people involved. I’m not interested in more than one woman at a time. Sometimes even one woman is too much.


IMO that would be cheating on the others. I only want one person, not 3.


It seems to become serial dating quite readily, and I have found that can become serial monogamy as we seem to be in and out of mutually exclusive relationships quite quickly. Go forward a generation, like people in their 30s, and I would say yes. My son has about a dozen lady friends, and they see others people as does he of course, nothing hidden, but also only a general low level commitment, super close friends perhaps. I have a pending situation that I will make a separate post as it would be good to get opinions from people who don't have religious hang ups.


Dating is by the definition of most people I know, more like Serial monoamory (if such a word exists). You only have one partner at a time, but you may or may not break up with them and start with another. Polyamory means you have more than one partner at the same time.


What? Having multiple dates is not the same as having multiple wives. It's understood when dating that there is no commitment, no promises. Polygamy is a commitment that they will love each other and any other wives he choses to bring into the family. I don't understand why you don't understand the difference! Seriously!

polyamory doesnt necessarily involve marriage

nor need it be extra women for a man - polyamory could be three men, or three women - or any other agreed upon combination.

@Kreig Poly not the same as poly, um..ok. This idiosyncratic definition you are using also ignores the solo poly persons that may love many and live with none. what you describe would definitely apply to open relationships and swinging, but has no part in a definition of polyamory.


As I understand polyamory, it is consentually arranged among all parties; so not hidden or sneaking behind one's back to be with the other, and it is ongoing relationships, so not serial dating, where your date likely knows nothing of your other (past) dates.


American poisoned human relationships. Now everything is about sex,more sex, any time, anywhere, no human affection. So seriously,humans have become sexual toys.

Well, I have lived in American long enough to know now.

I have lived in US long enough to know, if you are still holding the America that Hollywood sold, that's your choice,also your response proves to me,you didn't pick what I meant by my first comment.

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