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Do you serve a purpose or purposely serve?

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Jmiles 5 Jan 4

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Why is there not a "neither" option? I know this is your poll, so your rules but I serve no purpose neither do I purposely serve. I'm just doing the best I can with what I've got. But NO PURPOSE and NO SERVICE.

I thought of that neither option! my purpose is for me as long as i am single, in the future it may sure change but just gotta hold coarse till the unknown happens- or not happen!??


I "serve" no one....flunked Butler School, bigly..


I'm in that starving artist mode again where I must purposely survive to serve the purpose of my art.

Too bad there is no "middle road" option!


I think I just act, though some of my actions have purposes.


purposefully serve -- the dark lord, that is!

So are you a good w...I mean theistic satanist or atheistic satanist?


sometimes things just are Not everything in life has a reason


Purpose? I'm just along for the ride (and am loving it!).

Zster Level 8 Jan 4, 2018

I am, period. The only purposes I serve are those of my own choosing, based on the principles in which I believe.

You and me both 🙂


The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.......🙂

profound statement!

And when you no longer feel purpose it is your time and you should be allowed to peacefully let go

comes full circle

BS, the "purpose of life", at base level, is to procreate and them make fertilizer for the next generation. So, have a drink, put your feet up, enjoy the moment. Period. If it makes you happy to serve at the soup kitchen, or whatever, good for you! If you do it because you think you should or, worse, have to, you are frittering away the only life you will ever have. ( aplogies to any reincarnationists out there)

This "purpose" thing can be overblown, but that depends on your world view. Leaning towards existentialism, or even nihilism, we're just a wound up clock with inherently intelligent genetics that reproduce and evolve. It's our biological imperative to reproduce & thrive.

Towards the more esoteric & mystical/new age side, things like value systems that honour the better good are important, and should be part of everyone's life purpose. I.e. service to others.

In the middle, you have Republicans.

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