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LINK Chicago man charged with hate crime for berating woman over Puerto Rico shirt

Felony seems a bit much but then again these type people have been let reign free long enough so I say, Good!

Crimson67 8 July 13

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Thank you!! Any word on the police officer who stood there and did nothing, the bastard!


Felony is fine. "Hate Crime" is horse crap. There should not be any such laws.

Jacar Level 8 July 13, 2018

Bigot Watch... racist trolling!!!! Alert, Alert!!! Too Chicken to show his face.

I disagree. It is but one tool that we, as Americans, have to protect the civil rights of those whose rights need protecting.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Thomas Jefferson was concerned that delineating ANY rights via the amendments meant there would be "fundamentalists" refusing to recognize any rights not so delineated. And so it has become.

This now has become craziness with the "fundamentalists" refusing to recognize the rights of anyone not included in any of the protected class categories of the 60s. (eg lbgtq, atheists)

And now, the concept of "hate crime" (and hate speech) creates another series of classes that the fundies get to argue against if a particular group has not been included. This is not what we want.

So, what was the crime of this looney guy? He was threatening her civil right to a peaceful experience. He was menacing. He was annoying. And he should have been arrested immediately.

Hate cannot be legislated for or against. For, who decides what is hateful speech, and what is just stupid speech? Who is to be included in the class of those who are to be defended against "hate?"

Are we to have 1st degree hate crimes? 2nd degree? Inadvertent disdain?

This cannot be done without resulting in corruption.

The constitution has all the basics for equal rights for all. Everytime we have tried to specify who "all" is, has resulted in more fodder for the fundies.

It should not matter why a person commits a "hateful" act. It should only matter that a crime was committed and the person suffer the consequences.

Does anyone really think there is a way to legislate against anyone feeling hateful?

@Jacar Troll. Racist Watch.


So basically, what the guy is saying is that if I, an American citizen, go to Germany on vacation and bring home a shirt with a German flag on it, I should be berated and forced not to wear it because it represents another country (excluding the whole "US territory" thing)? Bullshit. This guy needs to go back to school and learn what America represents.

JILost Level 5 July 13, 2018

good for chicago.


Hate crimes are federal. Murder is not. Federal does not mean extreme. He needs a serious education on what America stands for currently. We are fighting for our country against the resurgence of bigots which can lead to some terrible crimes. Puerto Ricans, or someone who wears a T shirt with the name of a state such as NYNY or Georgia should not be harassed BY LAW. She paid to rent that picnic table area & he accosted her. Stop it in the bud lest it emerge into a vine around the neck of our nation, strangling the freedom my father fought to retain.


He was essentially threatening her and her family. Had the do nothing cop not been there, it might have escalated pretty quickly. I hope they keep him in the cooler long enough to give him some geography lesson.

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