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Reading the YouTube comments on this video is just very funny. Everything from offended Christians talking about blasphemy to people saying she sold her soul. It’s a pretty juicy video too with lots of biblical references.

Denker Level 7 July 16, 2018

Such a shame when grown ups get in a tizzy over a pretty song by a 15 year old. Maybe go to some racist rallies in London and see how the pointy end with adults demonstrating low tolerance makes them feel!


I think anything getting the xians in a tizzy is a good thing.


Nothing I like better than some Christans getting their panties in a bunch.


Just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus. Think somebody got there first, Ariana, xtian whiners.

@5082gregory yep, it was


I find it hard to believe women would want one of their own to claim responsibility for this cluster-fuck.


I happen to think God is a man. A woman would have shut this shit down the minute she realized it had gone off the rails. God just keeps going... "I can fix it... I can fix it..."


I always thought, even as a preschooler, that the idea of god being male or female was ludicrous. Wouldn't a god be above such things?

You ever listen to The Crash Test Dummies song And God Shuffled His Feet?

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