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QUESTION Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case | The New Yorker

By sassygirl38699
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Scalia and now Gorsuch proves how this important court have become slaves to their own personal interests. They are willing to sacrifice the country at the alter of their own narrow minded gods.


I love RBG! One of my kids has a T-shirt with RBG on it, I gave it to her, she loves it!! We have to find the fountain of youth because it will be a sad day for America when RBG passes on.


Bravo, Ginsburg!


Democracy might happen if human beings replace the gangsters & zionists of US Sup Ct

2-7 Sotomayor & Ginsburg ruled States have a duty to expand Medicaid and relieve hospital emergency room taxpayers for being the only fail safe provider of human healthcare saving lives from primary care needs. ...England voted for democratic health care in 1947 ReaGUN has been preaching against democracy ever since telling lies about Canadian hero Tommy Douglas

That Medicaid EXPANSION was the only part of Obusha Obombneycare ruled "unconstitutional" merely ruling it was a tax thus stripped NOT A HUMAN RIGHT rendering the tax law a welfare program for killer insurance CEOs also unhappy with the 20% profits cap. ...TrumpOLINI has repealed the mandatory tax feature leaving the greedy insurance companies desperate for more healthy people to pay into the ca$hcow $cam of in$urance HR 676 MEDICARE4ALL is a Universal Single payout to health providers to save money on 1/6th of the economy getting greed out of medicine NOT4PROFIT

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