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Any one else notice that the states passing these laws are the same exact ones that fought against abolishing slavery? It is not a coincidence, you can be sure, and much of the same Evangelical zeal was put into denying human rights to people of color that is now going into denying people of other faiths, no faiths, differing sexual beliefs, or sexual identification, their hunan rights. And with a Federal Judiciary presently being stuffed by Trump and the reactionary wing of the Republican Party, it could take another Civil War or over half a century to right these affronts to humanism and personal rights.


They see their savior in Trump, who knows he can guarantee himself support among the believers, no matter what atrocities he has actually committed or is committing by promising to give them more power in government. Meanwhile, like the con men and women on Evangelical TV, he will squeeze them for every dollar they own to enrich himself and his pack of greedy supporters, flag wavers and blessers everyone.


We need to challenge those laws in court on Constitutional grounds. The 1st Amendment bars the government from passing laws establishing a religion. The "In God we trust" phrase on a public school campus is a violation of that principle. If we don't fight back the religionists will walk all over us. And we should not expect to win easily, or to not have to fight the same fight over and over again. We have to be in it for the long haul. This struggle will take time.


Let's see...aggressive xenophobic nationalism, families of political undesirables being separated and held in camps, political surge towards mandating official governmental regulations with religious, cultural, and/or ethnically exclusionary intention. The domestic militarized police force is already established and supplied.

Does the government-funded breeding and child-rearing program for 'acceptable' applicants come next or is it the appointment of a Minister of Propaganda?


It is just meaningless rhetoric. If things are said ad nauseum, such as “have a good day” they become automatic and in no way reflect what people actually mean or think. They become like a reflex reaction, and I think “in god we trust” will become just another throw away remark.....trotted out unthinkingly. It is however a dangerous step down the road to compulsory state religion,

Yea...can you imagine everyone walking around saying Blessed Day..or Blessed be the Fruit.. Praise



They think this is ok but teaching scientific facts is "indoctrination". Whatever.


Poor god, you think he would be omnipotent enough that he would not need any extra help but apparently not.




I've seen it on the back of my county's sherriff vehicles. I really do bot appreciate it.

The religious fanatics are spending a lot of money to make themselves nore mainstream. Look at t.v. where new shows about relationships with God are popping up on non cable stations like CBS. In fact just saw a show for a new fall show called something alomg the lines of friends with god.

To me it's an acronym for Gold, Oil, and Diamonds


I don't care if it's "wrong" or not, I fucking hate these people.

Please never believe that strong honest emotion is wrong. I fucking hate these people too! It means you are passionate and that is better than being numb.

@HippieChick58 What they're trying to do is just so damned wrong! It's illegal, too, but they don't care.


Maybe because they are one of 'em.

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