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LINK Pro-Putin bots are dominating Russian political talk on Twitter - The Washington Post

The Pro-Putin Bots and Trolls of Russia - PPBATOR

MrLink 8 July 14

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LOL. Reminder: The DNC fixed the Primary. The DNC does not have offices in Russia.


I still get things in my FB feeds that smack of bots, Russian bots, and all pro Trump bots. It's as if none of this shit ever went away. Then daily I have to deal with people who have bought it all and swallowed the entire mess.


This is evidence of past interference with American politics-what is going on now?


and trump is still meeting again rubbing it in our faces that he is part of a conspiracy to destroy the USA
flaunting it and daring us to do anything he has been a criminal for so long getting away with it so easily he thinks he can't get caught

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