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I stopped watching tv in 2011 after I couldn't afford it anymore. I thought it was going to be really difficult, but I still don't have it even though I can afford it now. I listen to the radio all the time now. Anyone else not have tv and okay with it?

By Neverjenny4
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I have tv and have it turned on nearly all the time since Trump was elected. I don't watch it, however. Can't stand to see him, but want to know what is he doing now that I can hope will finally tilt the Republicans into confessing that we need a sane man to govern our country.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 6, 2018

I said "goodbye" to cable about 4 years ago and just have Netflix now. When I visit family or friends and they have the TV on, I swear all I see are commercials. Why would I pay all that money to watch a show that's interupted by commercials every 5 minutes? No thanks.

Qryzti Level 4 Jan 6, 2018

I find myself more and more watching things on my laptop and not on my TV. There really is some fantastic TV viewing out there! I can envision getting rid of my dish tv service, but not stopping watching the programming.


Just have local channels on antenna, PBS and Netflix. Don't watch much. I mostly read.


I've been without a tv since 1996. Can't stand it for the most part. I do enjoy films both long and short. I've found it makes conversation much more interesting if people can't talk about crap tv

Pooska Level 6 Jan 6, 2018

I have only broadcast tv. I watch some primetime shows. I usualy listen to the radio the rest of the time, either GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) which is mostly NPR, or a rock station. smile002.gif

bingst Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

I could live without it but I don’t.


I have a TV, but spend more time listening to NPR and to classical music stations.

I love NPR!!!


Gave it up years ago. I get all my mind-pollution from the computer now!

skado Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

I have a TV, but don't pay for channels. I use it for Netflix, YouTube, or for my PS4 games. I don't listen to the radio though.


I cut the cable during the Iowa primaries for the 2016 election. I looked up from my laptop to see Ted Cruz's face in my living room and said that HAS to go. I got a Roku streaming stick. I keep the radio on 24/7 at least in part of the house. I don't watch TV most of the time, when I want to I have Amazon Prime, Netflix, TED channel and a bunch of others. And then I have DVDs and stuff I'm no longer sure what format it is, I just know which machine to put it in. I might spend 5 hours a week watching TV if it is a holiday week or I am taking time off work. I have books and other hobbies to take me away from the TV.


One day back in 1999 The TV Licence renewal reminder arrived in the mail one morning. When I looked at the licence renewal fee and quickly realized that I had only watched TV six times in the past year, I decided to sell it. When I arrived at work that morning I typed up an advertisement and placed in the offices and laboratories. Within 15 minutes of advertising the sale of my TV I had a buyer. I have never looked back and do not miss it.


I gave up tv in 2001-ish. My girlfriend just made me get an antenna last year, so she could watch the awards shows. I still don't watch it but maybe an hour or two a week.


Same here I will never pay for Cable or Satellite again. Netflix, Hulu, You Tube and thats it.


I put a flower into my box tv in 95, people was still staring at it like it was on. Haven't had a tv service since. I do watch movies and documentaries but refuse to be subjected to political agendas, advertising and fear propaganda. smile001.gif

Grim Level 4 Jan 6, 2018

I’d never had cable or satellite TV in my life until being forced into ‘a bundle’ for internet service last year. So I’ve the lowest level of ‘forced TV,’ which of course is garbage. NPR & OPB (OR Public Broadcasting) extended my education for years in the woods. I’ve Netflix, but I prefer Youtube! My library has a service called Hoopla, so I’ve been listening to Audiobooks … if I can stay awake..

Varn Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

i went without cable for years, i do have in now, you can watch tv from your internet, you know? try projectfreetv. its kinda wonky, but you can watch most shows on it.


I haven't had cable TV for about a decade, but I've subscribed off and on to Netflix and Hulu, and also have Amazon Prime videos. Enough to entertain when I need it. And an opportunity for occasional binge watching smile001.gif


ja, me also. but my Dutch neighbor came two months ago with small TV and put it in my house saying "I do not need it. I bought a big one and you are always alone you need a TV also it is good for you to learn Dutch " then he went ...... do you want it smile009.gif

Mansour Level 4 Jan 6, 2018

I haven't had cable in twelve years or so - and then only had it for about 3, 4 years. Don't miss it a bit - except there are times when I wouldn't mind watching sports, like soccer, basketball, football. There are always so many other things to do.
I use my laptop to watch film on AmazonPrime - great selection both film and great TV series for binging through or just an episode or two at a time - and Much easier to navigate than Netflix. At some point I will pick up a larger wide screen monitor w/ some bells and whistles, but for now the laptop works just fine.

J3sse Level 5 Apr 8, 2018

I haven’t had cable in 8 years and stopped Netflix in 2013. I don’t miss any of it. I do have amazon prime because I use it for books and stuff, so I’ll watch stuff on there sometimes.

CRIGBY Level 3 Jan 20, 2018
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