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What is the worst thing for a child to see in an R rated movie?

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Mystical 4 July 15

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G rated material.


I think sexual and bias based violence would be the worst


Violence. That was the only thing that ever upset me in a film. Still does.



weeman Level 7 July 16, 2018

Who the hell would think watching a sex scene would be more damaging than violence? It wasn't that long ago we all shared a one room shack with our parents and siblings. Unless you're talking extreme pornography? That wouldn't be healthy for young developing minds. Most of us heard our parents having sex when we were kids. At the time it might've made us feel sick but I don't think there were lasting effects.


Drug use. Sex and empathy should be taught at younger ages. I’m all for legalizing drugs, in spite of being against using them personally.


How about corruption? out of the choices though violence

Tejas Level 6 July 15, 2018

Acts of sexual violence, sex is natural (even if it is uncomfortable to watch in the presence of your children) violence is not, explicit violence is the european censorship concern not sex. An act of love can be empowering but an act of sexual violence is always an act of degredation and it's important that the two are never conflated.


Depends, yup, Depends; especially if they're full.


By definition, an "R" rated movie is not suitable for viewing by children. So, what is your point? Do you want "children" to be allowed to view "R" rated movies because you think that they cannot/will not be harmed/traumatized by viewing the content?

It's a poll question you are over thinking. I didnt ask, "When you take your child to see an R rated movie what is the worst they can see"...

Well, many movies receive R ratings because of sexual content or nudity, while violence mostly falls into the PG-13 category. I'd rather my kids see consensual, loving sex acts (not entirely explicit) than human to human violence.

@GinaMaria Having watched many "R" movies, the "sex" is more likely to be a violent rape rather than "consensual, loving sex acts". I would rather my kids not be allowed to watch "R" rated movies. Also, having watched many "R" movies, I have noted that, contrary to what you posted, many movies get the "R" rating for the note on the screen when they display the rating for Christ's sake.

@dahermit Then you're not paying attention to the grossly inappropriate violence that passes in PG-13 movies. And anything sexual that includes nudity will likely get an R rating.

"Nudity is restricted to PG and above, and anything that constitutes more than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating. Nudity that is sexually oriented will generally require an R rating."


Recall having this issue when my daughter was younger. My ex deemed it appropriate to have our 8 year old see Passion of the Christ, which I understand is quite violent. I would not have done that.


Any Kardashian.


A mass shooting due to inadequate gun regulation.

Gareth Level 7 July 15, 2018

Mass shootings are rare occurrences even in the U.S. Deaths due to medical mistakes (350,000 per year), are much more common albeit much less memorialized/sensationalized in the media. Therefore, no big impetus to register bad doctors.

@dahermit Um, it's not very likely a child will witness a medical mistake in a movie theatre though, is it? I still think a mass shooting would be worse even so, but thanks for not letting this degenerate into humour.


Violence can be explained and you can find it in almost any form of media including news programs. It can also be used as a teaching point about the appropriatness of the violence. Parents still need to discuss the movie with the children after so that they understand context. Domestic violence though would be unacceptable.

Sex is a natural function in most reporductive creatures. Again this is a matter of need for discussion. If the child is brought to understand that it is conesentual sex is natural, the less embarrassed they will be about it and some studies show that leads to lower teen pregnancy and STD rates.

I marked drug use, but anything can be turned into teachable moments. But for me its the worst thing of the three they could see. Course I'm not a big fan of Pharmaceutical commercials on regular tv even.

But that's just my opinion


Violence definitely but what if the plot needs it to be there?


Ben Affleck acting.


Breastfeeding. They might feel a sense of loss.

Violence, definitely violence.


Sexual violence.

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