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West coast or east coast?

For all you US residents; I'm considering a few things I personally prefer, weather, transit, scenery... i LOVE visiting the east coast and find it super awesome but my heart is on the west coast always.

Tell me why your coast is best 🙂

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pepperjones 8 July 16

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We have a saying here in the mountains of NC: If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes or move ten feet, it'll change. The rest of the state has a certain level of hot and humid, but not like Louisiana. Fayetteville NC (Fayette-nam) felt hotter because of all the concrete and asphault, but I learned the words 'hot and humid' visiting family in the Louisiana farmlands every summer.

I've only made it out to the west coast twice, once to Vegas (at 17 with my dad. worst time to go but there's still stuff to do) and once outside of Palmdale? Both times it was November, cold and dry and windy as hell.


Gulf Coast.


I’m sitting on the east coast right now.


East Coast almost all my life. Far from the bible belt though.

godef Level 7 July 16, 2018

There is a lot of the country (I’d say the vast majority of the physical space) that doesn’t fall into any of those three categories.

PDF Level 5 July 16, 2018

Oh good I see you changed “Bible Belt” to “neither”


I like all coasts. You left out the Third Coast.

@pepperjones The Gulf Coast. ☺

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