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studies have been done on itty bitty babies displaying acts if deceit and "lying". One example was observing them crying then stopping to hear if mom or dad was responding to they're call of distress,shortly after no parental response,on demand they would start crying again. The babies in the study had know health issues that might explain lying just part of being human?

Nemosson 6 Jan 6

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I am not sure I would consider a baby that stopped crying to listen if mom or dad was coming to be lying, that seems to be to just a natural response, there is no deceit there, they are employing the only method they have for getting what they need. If you think about it that could also be a hardwired response, baby stops crying to see if mom responded or if a predator is stalking them.

If you were shouting to someone that was a long distance away, you would stop shouting to see if they responded, it is no different.

Hmm, that makes perfect sense to me. The study I observed examined many aspects other than infants pretending to be in distress. Bottom line of study was that we display lying and deceitful tendency at a very early age....before speech,walking,etc.


In physiology one of the fundamental things you learn, is to tell a lie is to be creative those that tell the best lies are most intelligent. Lying is also a paramount to survival(example you acquired some wealth as an artifact or treasure. You would not want that known because ultimately, someone would potentiality want to take it from you endangering the welfare of yourself and family.) So you would lie as self preservation. I believe lying is a innate survival tool.


The helpless babies are using their One tool, crying, to attempt to get what they need and trying to see how effective it is (or they die)!
Is this an attempt to legitimize the LIES that come out of the White House every single hour nowadays?
Becase even if it is "natural", it is Not Acceptable! In fact, one enforced law prohibiting lying by public officials, with stiff penalties swiftly enforced, would go a Long way towards making life better for our citizens!


It seems to me that the ability to deceive is a survival strategy it is a practice that we deployed in hunting and in self protection. It only stands to reason that once we developed language we would apply that same strategy to communication between our fellow humans.

Very good description, boy! I think I got some mommy's a bit flustered....


Can't remember where I read it but there's a good article floating around out there that states "people stop growing emotionally at the age when they experienced the least love". I believe it and think that it has implications for many mental illnesses that share a symptom of pathological lying. People who attempt to lie and manipulate are trying to fulfill some perceived need using the tools that they have at their disposal. Often times they're not nearly as cunning as they make themselves out to be and take flight when confronted. Everybody knows at least one person like this. They come from all walks of life and they disappear when the going gets tough only to reappear when they need something with some fantastic story about why they disappeared in the first place.


everyone lies

Of course, they do, it's human nature. As for the acceptability of it depends on the motives.


Babies have very limited communication skills. What you described are babies asking for attention and comfort. That is not a lie in my book. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

If a baby is pretending to be in distress, is that not deceitful? Please understand, when my baby cried I or her mother would immediately check on her. Some parents say "let'm cry themselves out" not this daddy!


A baby is hungry they cry, needs changing they cry, in pain, they cry so why would it be a lie it they need attention and cry for it?

@betpaq legitimate reasons,no infants pretend to be in distress?


A want and a need is still a form of communicating.


Thank you. Now if you want to talk about toddlers lying, well that's a different story. 😛


I see lying as being just as much of our nature as greed and most likely is tied to self preservation. It doesn't make it moral to lie but sometimes lies are a way to survive in a critical situation. Usually I'm too honest and find that gets me in trouble too, haha.

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